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April 04, 2014 08:00 ET

Patriot Berry Farms Inc. Announces New CEO and First Harvest This Month

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2014) - Patriot Berry Farms Inc. (OTCQB: PBFI) (herein after "Patriot Berry", and/or "the Company") is pleased to provide details of key corporate and operational events.

Upcoming Harvest

April marks the company's first harvest since the acquisition of the Morningstar Farm in August 2013.

From the point of acquisition, Patriot Berry has taken a technical approach to the development of the farm. The company has utilized the expertise of an elite management team, whom has introduced industry proven systems, processes and much needed infrastructure to help maximize this year's harvest yield. The company estimates that the commercially viable harvest this year is to be more than double that of last year's.

At the time of writing, Patriot Berry Farm Manager, Mr. Doug Harmon, anticipates a yield of 30,000 lbs. during the five to six week picking season (which commences this coming week). Harmon has indicated that he expects this season's produce to generate in excess of $5 per pound.

To reach the company objective of becoming a major operator within the $3.5 billion annual blueberry-strawberry-raspberry domestic market, Patriot Berry plans to acquire a series of further farms, both locally to the Morningstar Farm and across the entire country.

In line with the company's aggressive farm asset acquisition plan, Mr. Anthony DiMeo, Patriot Berry's Director of Farming, has identified multiple farm options and is in discussion with management as to the most suitable options. The company is planning to start negotiations in the coming weeks, with a view to purchasing and adding to the Patriot Berry Farms portfolio prior to Q3 2014.

Mr. Daniel Cattlin, Patriot Berry's CEO, comments: "I believe with Patriot Berry's proven approach to Berry Farming, its infrastructure and its continued financial support from investors we can achieve our goal of being a major operator within the growing Berry domestic market."

Change of Management

On April 21st 2014 Patriot Berry underwent a change of management, which saw Mr. Alex Houstoun-Boswall step down as Chief Executive Officer to assume the role of Business Development Consultant and is succeeded by Mr. Daniel Cattlin.

Cattlin has been appointed to the position of CEO and brings a new age perspective to Patriot Berry, with expertise in project & asset management as well as a background in corporate finance, giving him both the operational and financial understanding to take the company forward through farm expansion and capital growth.

Prior to taking over Patriot Berry, Cattlin worked at a Financial Advisory Firm specializing in Corporate Finance. Cattlin helped clients source funding and the capital structure of their corporations, as well being responsible for increasing shareholder value.

Mr. Cattlin, CEO, commented: "It is with get pleasure and excitement taking the reins at Patriot Berry Farms. I look forward to building on the already solid foundations that Mr. Houstoun-Boswall has laid before me, and will strive to make this company an ongoing success. I have inherited great team of experienced individuals, each of whom adds a different dimension to the company. I am confident that with them by my side, Patriot Berry Farms will no doubt grow year upon year."

Blueberries make it as No. 1 Berry.
The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council recently announced the results of a survey that shows consumers now rank blueberries ahead of strawberries as their favorite Berry.

Strawberries had reigned supreme since the council first commissioned the consumer attitude survey in 2004. It commissioned a second survey in 2008. The US Department of Agriculture intends to expand their promotional program and fund human health research to increase the average domestic per-person Berry consumption from 32 ounces a year in 2012 to 50 ounces by 2017.

About Patriot Berry Farms
Patriot Berry Farms, Inc. is an independent American Berry company (OTCQB: PBFI) focused on the acquisition and operation of established and profitable Berry farms throughout the United States of America. The Company targets America's $3.5 billion annual blueberry-strawberry-raspberry market, with a main focus on blueberry production and a secondary focus on strawberry and raspberry production. Building on the tradition of America's homegrown farming successes, Patriot Berry Farms is committed to providing healthy produce of the highest standards to the nation's family homes. The Company's management team is currently drawing on its industry experience and the expertise of industry consultants to establish Patriot Berry Farms as a significant operator within the nation's growing Berry market.

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