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Patriot Energy Services LLC

November 29, 2010 07:06 ET

Patriot Energy Services LLC to Establish "Milk Run" for Wood Chips

BUFFALO, NY--(Marketwire - November 29, 2010) - Today, Patriot Energy Services LLC CEO Steven C. Johnson announces new supply routes and sets new delivery prices from Florida to New York, in an effort to set a precedence in the price of wood fiber fuel. After two years of planning, Johnson says he can capture the hog fuel market for major power plants on the east coast, from east of the Mississippi River to Florida and Maine.

In conjunction with major suppliers and through agreements with national trucking companies, Johnson intends to establish a "Milk Run," which enables delivery fuel from New York to Florida on the same truck for less than 35.00 per ton, 6 inch minus hog fuel to power plants up and down the east coast (sizing moisture content and specialty wood fuel may vary price). A test from Albany, NY to Buffalo, NY proved to very successful, with hundreds of trucks running in the worst conditions. "Now is the time to expand that model," says Johnson.

According to Johnson, the concept is not new. Oil, gas, and power companies have been doing it for years. Instead of pipe lines or grids, he has figured out how to deliver by truck and rail. "What this does it put a face on the wood fuel renewable energy business, stabilizes the market, and creates a commodity market, similar to oil, gas or electricity."

Patriot Energy Services LLC has sold off all in-woods operations in order to concentrate on building more transfer stations and fuel storage facilities. By selling off in-woods operations, Johnson says, "The millions of dollars in lost revenues will be more than made up, in storage facilities and transfer stations." The in-woods operations were only indicative to a normal 60 mile radius. The new supply line and delivery system is projected to add over 30 million dollars in revenues, in 2011, and stream line the process so Patriot Energy Services LLC can be the most optimal supplier of wood fuel in the renewable energy business.

Patriot Energy Services LLC is a major supplier of renewable energy and biomass products. All offers for new suppliers and power/steam generating stations are considered. Patriot Energy Services LLC has supplied small power generating stations to fortune 500 companies, no customer is too large or too small for the new delivery system. 

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