SOURCE: Author Paul David Walker

Author Paul David Walker

October 10, 2011 13:14 ET

Paul David Walker Reveals the Dangers of Past Success

Leading Business Advisor Shares How Business Leaders Can Avoid the Traps Set by Past Successes

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 10, 2011) - Paul David Walker, business advisor to mid-sized and Fortune 500 CEOs, founder of Genius Stone Partners and author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations, is alerting business leaders to the dangers of allowing past successes to create subsequent failures in resolving complex business problems.

Many have said that experience is the greatest teacher -- but this is not always the case. Paul J. Dekom -- author, lecturer and among the top 100 lawyers in the U.S., according to Forbes magazine says, "Any research done based on data before September 15, 2008 is meaningless."

"Accepted wisdom tells us that we can learn from our experiences," says Walker. "But in times of unprecedented change, relying on past solutions can lead to catastrophe. It's time to examine our instincts and develop new strategies to mitigate mounting risks."

Depending on lessons from the past is dangerous -- here's why:

  • The financial crisis changed everything. During the financial fallout of 2008, the global economy radically shifted -- according to economists, full recovery is at least a decade away.
  • Good ideas are everywhere, but investors are not. Capital is limited -- making mistakes more difficult to recover from than ever. This risk is making investors everywhere weary to open their wallets for what might be the next "big" thing.
  • Demand is low. Consumers are in debt and more cautious with their spending than they were just 10 years ago. This uncertainty is lessening demand across industries.
  • The rise of social media and technology transformed consumers. Consumers are interacting with brands in new ways -- thus, changing their demand signals. Before they commit to a product or service they do research, and the successful companies are those who are engaged.
  • Global competition is heightened. The economic advantage the United States had over Asia and Europe is over. Competition for dwindling dollars has become stiffer from global competitors with better social, physical and financial infrastructures that allows them to move much more quickly than U.S. businesses.

It is evident our position in the world has changed dramatically -- those who do not make drastic adjustments will lose market share and their business. Windows of opportunity open and close suddenly, leaving the unprepared out in the cold.

Now is the time for leaders to develop teams with clear missions, a sense of urgency, the stillness of a master, and explosive targeted actions. There is no time to debate, or rely on past success. To hone these skills and learn how to succeed in the rapidly changing business world, visit

About Paul David Walker: Paul David Walker was part of the first leadership firm designed to align strategy, structure and culture to fortify some of the largest companies in the United States including Star-Kist Foods, Conexant Systems and New York Life. His own genius lies in integrating business strategy and philosophical insights, guiding the leadership of major companies with a holistic approach that allows them to grow grounded, stable and balanced -- and ultimately, become much more successful leaders. While many in his position come into companies with a theory and models, Walker's approach is an applied science gleaned from first-hand experience. Some of the most influential leaders in American business have relied on him for expert guidance since 1984. (

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