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February 08, 2016 09:27 ET

Paul Pitcher -- Sharp Shooter Funding Announces Major Marketing Executive Appointment

Sharp Shooter Funding -- Appoints Blade Hart -- Vice President of Marketing

CALGARY, AB--(Marketwired - February 08, 2016) - Mention the wrestling Hart family anywhere in Canada and you hear accounts of sporting excellence, endeavor, and unsurpassed achievement. Part of three generations of Canadian pro wrestling, the Hart family are a byword in sports in this country. The family is led by WWE Hall of Famer, Championship winner, author, actor and father Bret "The Hitman" Hart who is regarded as a legendary competitor and afforded hero status in his native Canada.

However, it is the family's business acumen that has allowed them to flourish outside the ring. Their understanding of how small enterprises run (and the crucial role that credit plays in survival) means their latest venture, Sharp Shooter Funding, is providing an essential service for the Canadian small to medium-sized business sector. The new company is a collaborative alternative loan venture providing credit for those firms who have been rejected by banks.

With older son Dallas already installed as Vice President of Sales, the focus switched to younger son Blade Hart this week when the company announced he has been installed as Vice President of Marketing. A delighted Blade said in a statement he was "very excited to be helping small businesses in the United States and Canada" and he was looking forward to the challenge of the position.

Raised in Calgary, in Alberta Canada, the twenty-five-year-old Blade is the latest addition to the management team of the company. The Hart family have teamed up with First Down Funding's Paul Pitcher to create this outlet for small Canadian companies. One of the key reasons Mr. Pitcher set up the alternative loan company with the Hart family was that he could see Canada's need for a similar firm based on his US company.

Mr. Pitcher's existing U.S-based company has already had great experience in providing this essential service to small American companies. He will use the First Down Funding model to underpin his collaborative venture with the Hart family north of the border.

Named after Bret's signature wrestling move in the ring, Sharp Shooter Funding has been established with a clear goal in mind. To provide an alternative for business people who have been refused loans despite having good credit. According to the loan company's website, many small and medium-sized Canadian firms are missing out on excellent opportunities because of the banks' unnecessarily strict credit measures.

Increasingly banks and other financial institutions are issuing loans only to established businesses: those with good credit files, high beacon scores and an excellent cash flow, the website continues. This means that crucial capital isn't available for start-ups and other companies who may fall short of the tough criteria. Some may be punished because of their early stage of development.

A quality service is the trademark of every Hart Family venture and Blade may well be thinking of his Dad's old wrestling motto as he assumes the mantle of Vice President of Marketing for Sharp Shooter Funding:

"The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Will Ever Be."

Sharp Shooter Funding is a Canadian based company specializing in structuring and approving cash advances for small to medium-sized businesses. With affordable rates, transparent fees, fixed payment schedules and a fast and simple process that allows 30 second applications and funding within 24 hours, they allow business owners throughout the US and Canada receive the funding they need when they need it. The experts at Sharp Shooter Funding also provide valuable financial advice and give each client the attention necessary to create a personalized solution.

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