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February 23, 2016 22:23 ET

Paul Pitcher -- Sharp Shooter Funding -- Shay Cassidy Sets Sights on Sharp Shooter Success

CALGARY, AB--(Marketwired - February 23, 2016) -  Calgary-based merchant finance experts, Sharp Shooter Funding, run by wrestling legend Bret Hart and business partner Paul Pitcher, have teamed up with Shay Cassidy, appointing Cassidy as the new Director of Sales in the Alberta sales office. Cassidy is somewhat of an enigmatic figure, whose profile has yet to be fully unveiled publicly. Cassidy is said, however, to be a hardworking individual who has clear targets for Sharp Shooter and whose drive is uncompromising.

This fits perfectly with the ethos of the burgeoning company whose rise to success has been as fast as it has been high profile. Cassidy has a mandate that includes taking the company to the next level and his plans include ensuring that Sharp Shooter products are available throughout Canada and beyond.

Sharp Shooter Funding (SSF) is part of a new breed of funding companies who offer an alternative solution to traditional banking services. SSF offer loans to businesses that are unlikely to qualify for loans through banks due to increasingly strict regulations. Businesses can apply online to: "get a capital advance by exchanging a fixed dollar amount of the company's future credit and/or debit card receivables at a discounted price" or "get an advance on accounts receivables while waiting for customer payment." In other words, SSF will buy into the future of a company by offering loans based in projected income. Small to medium sized businesses can apply for up to $500,000 to help them move forward and develop. SSF offers flexible repayment options on fixed daily repayment schedules.

SSF says yes to an incredible 95% of applicants and so if the bank say no, then SSF are the people to talk to. Businesses who are approved for funding by SSF will receive the money they need quickly, within 24 hours in some cases. The process is easy as the completion of a simple online application form is all that is required in order to be considered.

Now that Sharp Shooter Funding has bolstered their team with the Shay Cassidy appointment, they are set more than ever to help businesses nationwide who have become disenchanted and disengaged with corporate banks. The message Sharp Shooter Funding is sending out to customers is that if they step into the ring with them, then they will be joining a tag team that have the caliber to take on the toughest of opponents and come out on top.

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