May 19, 2010 13:45 ET

Paulson Research Market Alert: Citigroup, Ford Motors, Ambac Financial, SiriusXM, Bank of America, Intel

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Find out why you need to own these 6 stocks to recession proof your portfolio: Citigroup (C-), Ford Motors (F), Ambac Financial (ABK), SiriusXM (SIRI), Bank of America (BAC), Intel (INTC) Get the FREE REPORT at

We were expecting a pullback the past four weeks the being that the market was a little overbought and recent weakness is partly to blame on "sell in May and go away," but mostly on the fact the European Union is showing fundamental cracks in its foundation.

As stock markets are forward looking, the worry was that the stock market's fall could signal a double dip recession. There are definitely similarities between now and the early signals of the recent recession. Much before the financial system imploded and the recession was in full bloom, economists, analysts and even politicians warned about the inherent risks in the financial system stemming from subprime mortgages, the products that sold them, and the exposure of the financial system to both.

Is a Global Economic Recession coming and are you protected?

Find out why you need to own these 6 stocks to recession proof your portfolio: Citigroup (C-), Ford Motors (F), Paradigm Oil (OTCBB - PDGO), SiriusXM (SIRI), Bank of America (BAC), Intel (INTC) Get the FREE REPORT at

Some economists fear this Greek and German issue could throw the all of Europe back into recession. If they go into recession, this could trigger another global economic recession as banks reel from sovereign debt defaults.

We remain optimistic. While we predict the euro will go very low, that Europe will have a hard time getting out of this situation, and that the markets are going to be very fragile until September, but nationally, we are seeing indication of a turnaround. In fact, we believes that companies with strong cash flows and that trade on U.S. exchanges have potential for upside. We are Long-term bullish on America but only with the right weapons of growth.

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