October 29, 2009 08:45 ET

Pavilion Energy Resources Pursuing Additional Offshore Wind Farm Locations

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - October 29, 2009) - Pavilion Energy Resources, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PVRE) announced that it is a 10% equity partner in a joint venture (JV) that has submitted a multi-billion dollar proposal to the state of Texas to develop a massive wind energy project located in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of South Padre Island. The turbines incorporated in the JV's proposal are based on the proprietary wind accelerating technology invented by Peter Sterling, Pavilion's President and Chief Executive Officer. These turbines generate 400% more turbine power per dollar of capital than existing technology. This technology makes very-large-scale, offshore, wind power farms with slower average wind speeds, as is the case in Texas, more than economical. The project award is expected to be made within the next one to two years.

This 25-year project, referred to as the Texas Coastal Clean Power Project, requires the manufacturing, installation and operation of at least 5 wind farms, each of which generates approximately 10,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity per hour for a total of 50 gigawatts (GW) per hour. The wholesale value of the electricity from each 10GW facility is approximately $2.5 billion to $5.0 billion per year. The JV's proposal offers to pay the Texas state government a 1% royalty for ten years, rising to 2% after ten years in net electricity revenue from the wind farm. Upon receiving an award, the JV intends to secure available U.S. Government clean energy grants for 30% of the project's construction costs and low-interest, loan guarantees from the U.S. Government to finance the remaining 70% of the project's cost.

Peter Sterling, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pavilion, commented, "This project will develop a new source of clean, renewable electricity, and help mature next-generation, offshore, wind technologies which:

--  Generate energy at a more competitive cost than any other generating
--  Provide new zero-carbon power generation that enhances local economic
    growth and prosperity;
--  Stabilize the Texas transmission grid by diversifying generating
    capacity and provide peak load power;
--  Produce no negative environmental impacts on the marine or coastal
    environments while creating new safe habitats for fish and recreational
    fishing; and
--  Create new local jobs for the design, fabrication and installation of
    new wind power technology and for operation and maintenance of the wind

About Pavilion

Pavilion Energy Resources is an alternative energy company specializing in the acquisition of offshore wind farm locations, which typically produce twice as much wind as on-shore locations in the same region. Pavilion's joint venture partner, Zero Carbon Energy Wind Corp., currently holds a patent pending for a wind power technology which amplifies the ambient wind speed by approximately 1.5 to 1.8 times (e.g., 20 mph ambient wind speeds become 30 to 36 mph). This "accelerator airflow wind generator" produces 400% more turbine power per dollar of capital than existing technology. Environmentally-friendly, renewable, wind power has the potential to become the leading energy resource for the next millennium.

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