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November 18, 2009 16:29 ET

“Pax Protection” – a new experience of Peace in time for the Holiday

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Nov. 18, 2009) - Holiday shoppers looking for a unique gift to clear the negative energy of our high stress lifestyles will be happy to learn that 'Pax Protection' is available at select retailers in Ontario. Pax Protection helps bring clarity and calm to busy adults and hyperactive kids. Pax is Latin for 'peace'. Pax Protection, from Nature Makes Scents, is an all-natural, essential-oil blend available in a 25 mL travel size and 50 mL spray bottle (and refill).

Mary Wileichuk, of Akasha's Den in Oakville, carries the complete line of Nature Makes Scents essential oils and blends. Mary provides this example of Pax's effectiveness: "When a Mom and her son were shopping and the little boy was running madly and carelessly about I asked if I could spray him with Pax Protection. Within a few minutes after spraying him, he had calmed down and his Mom left with a bottle for use at home. I believed he was a 'crystal child' who can be hyperactive and highly sensitive to the environment. Offering a natural and simple treatment with Pax Protection brought peace to that Mom and her little boy."

For thousands of years, sage and cedar have been used in cleansing and spiritual purification rituals around the world - the most well-known is the Native American tradition of 'smudging' where sage and cedar are burned and the rising smoke is thought to take away negative energies. Pax Protection was designed initially as a request from massage therapists and healers whose clients could not tolerate the smoke of the traditional smudging process. A therapeutic blend of cedarwood, sage, hyssop and myrrh, the light spray mist of Pax provides 'smudge' at a moment's notice, without the residual smoke irritation.

Pax Protection has been used in a variety of ways. Teachers quickly and easily spray Pax around their classroom to help create a calm and peaceful space for students to learn. Travelers use Pax as they embark on their journey - in trains, planes, automobiles … even hotel rooms! Real Estate agents have made use of Pax to prepare a home before a prospective client viewing.

Pax Protection helps provide a sense of peace before, during or after you find yourself surrounded by stressful energies at home, office or public spaces (ie. shopping malls, buses, your dentist or doctor's office). Imagine reaching into the glove compartment and giving yourself a light mist of Pax to help relieve the negative energies that can arise during a difficult drive.

Pax Protection and Nature Makes Scents custom essential oil blends are now available at select retailers in Ontario. Wholesale inquiries please contact

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