Payline by ICE

Payline by ICE

April 24, 2012 10:00 ET

Payline by ICE Plans Job Growth in Victoria in 2012

Payline by ICE, partnership between Payline Financial and ICE - International Currency Exchange, keeps local headquarters and plans job growth in Victoria, BC

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 24, 2012) - Payline Financial has partnered with ICE - International Currency Exchange (ICE) to become Payline by ICE. Payline by ICE growth plans include branching out nationally and adding more local jobs in Victoria, BC, where the headquarters will remain.

Payline by ICE offers secure online foreign exchange services as well as personalized account management for both individuals and corporate clients. They serve industries including international real estate, fisheries, biotechnology, and imports in the furniture, automotive, heavy equipment, equestrian, and aviation sectors.

"Unlike other business models in our industry where growth has been through acquisitions which resulted in job losses locally, the Payline by ICE partnership will create jobs in Victoria," said Paul Rechner, President, Payline by ICE. "The Payline by ICE partnership means local, national and, down the road, international growth and best-in-class foreign exchange services with access to over 140 currencies."

"Whether you are sending money to a family member living abroad, or looking to buy a vacation property outside of Canada, now you can do it easily and securely online," added Rechner. "For businesses, why spend your time in bank line-ups or dealing with automated phone systems? Our clients monitor, manage and conduct transactions from the convenience of their home or office 24 hours a day."

About Payline by ICE

Payline by ICE provides foreign exchange and international payment services worldwide. Clients can access foreign exchange and international payment services through a secure online system or have personalized account management services for transactions. The company headquarters are located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Payline Financial began as a BC-based Canadian company in 2004 and developed a coast-to-coast Canadian presence, with niche client markets from Victoria, BC to St. John's, Newfoundland. In 2011, Payline Financial partnered with International Currency Exchange (ICE). ICE is one of the largest and most respected retail currency exchange brands in the world, with an impressive 35+ year history.

With over 300 locations worldwide, ICE operates in 20 countries and can be found in more than 65 airports across the globe. With its North American headquarters located in Richmond, BC, ICE has been at the forefront of the foreign exchange industry in Canada for a quarter century, with 70 locations across the country including most major Canadian airports.

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