April 19, 2016 12:00 ET

PayVida Announces New Credit Card Payment Processing Plugin for WooCommerce

Vancouver-Based Payment Processing Solution PayVida Has Created a Plugin That Will Allow PayVida Users to Accept Payments Through WooCommerce

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - April 19, 2016) -  Accepting and tracking payments through one of the world's most popular e-commerce services just got a whole lot easier.

Vancouver financial technology company PayVida Solutions has released its newly developed WooCommerce plugin, which now allows merchants who use WooCommerce to use PayVida as their payment processor.

PayVida co-founder Robert Ronning says that the WooCommerce partnership is a huge step forward for independence in the payment processing industry.

"Up until now, accepting payments via credit or debit has involved partnering with big banks, major financial institutions, or global companies like PayPal. But the problem with banks is that they charge outrageous fees that small business owners quite simply cannot afford, while PayPal takes a certain percentage of sales, which can quickly get expensive for larger businesses. There are also all sorts of hidden rates that they don't necessarily disclose. Here at PayVida, we offer a "cost plus" pricing model with no hidden fees. We're able to offer much more competitive rates, beating fixed-price competitors like Stripe, PayPal and others by one percent or more. And on top of that, we're providing a convenient and powerful service that can easily scale to meet any business' needs."

PayVida's e-commerce solutions are just some of its many payment processing services, with traditional terminals, mobile terminals, and web terminals also parts of its family of products. PayVida users can even accept card payments via smartphone using an Ingenico wireless card reader that synchronizes to other devices via Bluetooth. And with an open API, PayVida's online payment processing platform can easily connect to hundreds of different shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. It's just one of the many ways that PayVida gives business owners control over how they get paid.

PayVida's innovative technology is designed with flexibility in mind, and allows users to turn their computers into payment processing terminals with its web-based payment processing software and simple invoicing system that automates payment collection and processing. At PayVida, innovation is founded on the core belief that getting paid should be the easiest part of running a business, not the hardest.

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PayVida Solutions Inc. is a Canadian payment processing company that is revolutionizing the way commerce happens all around the world. PayVida's innovative payment solutions, ranging from traditional terminals to smartphone-based card readers to desktop payment processors, are making it easier than ever for businesses of every size to do what every successful business needs to do -- get paid. At PayVida, technology doesn't have to limit business -- rather, it drives business.

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