May 23, 2013 19:18 ET

Payza Advises Members on How to Avoid Current Cyber Threat

Variant of Citadel Financial Malware Targets Payza Members

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 23, 2013) - Payza, among the world's fastest-growing payment platforms for e-commerce, corporate disbursements and remittances, is alerting its 10 million members worldwide about a variant of malware, used against banking and e-commerce customers for years, that has just been discovered targeting Payza users. A complete explanation of the potential cyber trap and how members can avoid it is in the company's latest blog "Citadel Trojan: What You Need To Know".

"This type of malware doesn't affect our technology, our platform or our website," commented Alastair Graham, CEO of Payza. "But obviously we are concerned for any member who might fall prey to this deceptive piece of malware and be led to believe that they are on our website. Awareness of the issue is important, so we are proactive in providing information on Internet security issues to our worldwide membership."

In the blog, Payza's CTO, Ali Nizameddine, discusses how users can protect their Payza account and all their personal information from hackers and cyber-criminals. Citadel is different from so called "phishing" scams because in this case the identity thieves attempt to collect information by altering Payza's actual login page. The malware works by infecting individual computers from other sites. When a user with an infected computer visits a legitimate Payza's login page, the Citadel script is triggered and users see a fabricated duplicate of the page, which can ask for too much information.

"Payza would never ask for you for your password and your transaction PIN on the same page," Nizameddine stresses. "Users who see this false login page should contact Payza Customer Support immediately and ask them to reset their password and review their account for suspicious activity. One of the best forms of defense," he notes, "is a good offense. Users should make sure they have an anti-virus program on their machine and that it is kept up to date."

Payza has measures in place to track whether a member's account has been compromised and the company is able to block these accounts and reverse suspicious transactions. The company also has sophisticated screening methods in place to minimize or negate the damage from these attacks. "Knowledge is the most powerful protection we can provide our members," Nizameddine concludes. "They are in 230 countries and territories around the world and we want to provide all of them with the same security education -- whether they are a computer savvy teenager in Mongolia or a grandmother in Miami."

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