June 19, 2013 08:30 ET

Payza Helps Law Enforcement Kill a Worldwide Credit Card Fraud Ring

LONDON and MONTREAL--(Marketwired - Jun 19, 2013) - With Payza's help, law enforcement officials have identified and arrested 11 individuals in the UK, US and Vietnam, who have been accused of being responsible for a $200 million credit card fraud ring.

This arrest is another victory in the coordinated worldwide crackdown on cybercrime. Law enforcement agencies around the globe are collaborating with financial and technology companies like Payza to identify cybercriminals, track their behaviors, and gather the evidence required for arrest and prosecution.

"We have a long history of working with both local and international authorities to locate and shutdown fraud rings and the criminals behind them," said Ferhan Patel, Payza's Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Global Risk and Compliance, regarding the recent arrests. "That being said, this has been a very dynamic and exciting year to be involved in cyber-security. The culture has shifted and we are now, for the first time, seeing a concerted, worldwide effort to punish those involved in and responsible for online criminal activity."

Shawn Samuel, a Fraud Prevention Analyst at Payza, was involved in collecting the information which helped law officials to identify and arrest the suspects implicated in this fraud ring. In her role at Payza, Samuel was instrumental in monitoring, tracking and intercepting the fraudulent transactions which were used to incriminate the responsible individuals.

"Shawn identified the suspicious behavior which helped law enforcement locate these cybercriminals," said Patel. "She was able to trace the fraud ring back to August 2012 and use their behavioral patterns to zero-in on and prevent any fraudulent transactions from taking place. It takes real drive and commitment to fight these criminals."

The data collected by Samuel has been added to the FraudMatrix™, Payza's proprietary fraud management platform designed to automatically detect and flag suspicious activity. Because the FraudMatrix™ is constantly improving, Payza is always able to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

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