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March 13, 2014 12:08 ET

PBS Holding, Inc., (PBHG). Signs a Major Marketing and Distribution Deal

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 13, 2014) - PBS Holding, Inc. (OTC Pink: PBHG) (PINKSHEETS: PBHG), (the "Company"), today released an update to shareholders.

Today, the company is proud to announce the signing of the major Marketing and Distribution deal with Global Product Placement LLC., (GPP). They are strategic partner and sister company of Cold Mountain Group Inc., (CMG).

PBS Holding Inc. plans to release multiple product lines and consumer products through GPP and CMG distribution channels and their strategic partners. The Sales and Marketing programs and initiatives will include current lines, as well as products developed exclusively for the consumer markets.

PBS Holding Inc. is also pursuing its plan to distribute and sell its growing list of products as well. The company intends to place into the distribution chains many of its unique products, as well as to continue to explore and develop new products and concepts that would potentially sell in the retail markets. The company has also entered into negotiations with several funding groups to line up funding to develop and produce current as well as new product lines. We announced our first of many funding deals with Mastiff Funding Group for $5 million earlier this week. This first round of funding will be used immediately to fund the projects we have been working on over the last several weeks. 

"Our company, PBS Holding Inc., represents several products from its own wholly owned subsidiaries, such as DeVieSun ("Healthy Living") products, Jazz Candles and various products for the new and emerging Marijuana Markets. CMG, is a perfect strategic partner to represent our products to all segments of retail and distribution chains. CMG has a tremendous background and has developed relationships and clients with some of the largest retail stores, and markets across the country. Our current "direct sales" approach is being developed for the MLM and Direct Sales industries, while the distribution deal with CMG, will open doors to a wider audience to increase our sales potential for all of our product lines in the retail markets. By doing this we will be completely diversified by having multiple revenue channels, which will provide a steady stream of income to our company", stated Mr. Vakser.

Recently the company expanded its product development to include and provide for the new and emerging Marijuana markets. These products will be marketed thru traditional retail, branded and co branded wholesale, and as legalization expands into the retail markets. We see the edibles area of this marketplace as being a niche, high profit area. Our selections will include candies, drinks, soups, ice cream, popsicles, chewing gum, vitamin substitutes, range of desserts, and many others.

Examples of products ready to produce and provide revenue are:

Chill Drinks - A cool smooth relaxing drink with added natural relaxation herbs to help deal with today's over stressed lifestyles. These drinks will be available in a variety of flavors and strengths that will help with different needs, such as relaxation to a sleep aid.

Cannabis Candles and Scent Oils - A wonderful selection of candles and oils to sooth and relax away the days stress. "I must say I laughed when this idea was brought to me, but Jazz Candles have an amazing scent range and really have a stress relieving nature. This is a touch and smell item that will do very well at retail, and direct sales marketing, as we have a broad range of eye catching designs," says Mr. Vakser.

We will continue to update our shareholders frequently on our new products as they roll out and as distribution agreements are signed with various retail chains and convenient stores.

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About Jazz Candles

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About PBS Holding, Inc.
PBS Holding Inc through its direct sales group, recently launched, "De Vie Sun", which is translated, "Healthy Life". This product is the first to be introduced by the Company which is focusing on the development, marketing and distribution of nutritional and functional beverages for consumers. The Company is marketing this product through the home-based direct sales channel.

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