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May 13, 2008 09:00 ET

PC Pitstop Keeps PCs Zooming on Information Highway With New 'Optimize'

New Technology Eliminates Internet Bottlenecks and Improves Online Experience

SIOUX CITY, IA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - PC Pitstop, the undisputed leader in PC diagnostics and support with over 100 Million PC performance tests and counting, has updated its Optimize service that keeps PCs running at top available speeds. The new version of Optimize removes annoying 'craplets' and other data that can slow down your Internet connectivity and provides step-by-step instructions to keep things running smoothly. Other key new features include deeper registry cleaning, optimization of Firefox, and the technology is now delivered through a new automatic update technology.

"Most computers are simply not formatted to receive the greatest bandwidth available from Internet providers," said Rob Cheng, Founder and CEO of PC Pitstop. "Optimize changes that. By keeping your system craplet-free and boosting performance, this is the one tool that can ensure you are zooming along the information superhighway -- super fast."

A PC's operating system is constantly writing to the hard drive. Silently while you work, every link you click on to every web page you visit, small bits of data are being written to the PC system registry, cookies, and temporary folders. This significantly slows down Internet web browser operations. Using Optimize, those hidden bits of data are eliminated and the system is streamlined for optimum performance. Optimize improves your Internet connection up to 200% simply by making a few adjustments to the Windows Internet settings based on connection type.

Optimize can be used in conjunction with PC Pitstop's newly overhauled OverDrive scanning service which provides a detailed list of any and all performance bottlenecks using Internet Explorer (IE) or the IE tab in Firefox web browsers to provide a full report in just under five minutes. The OverDrive scan goes beyond just Internet optimization, evaluating system performance, security, software, drivers, application versioning, system conflicts and other key information and delivers a report for a full system tune-up. With almost a decade of experience giving PC users a simple, self-sufficient and cost effective way to administer their own systems. PC Pitstop is a one-stop resource that uses the most current real-world information about PCs to help PC users keep their systems running optimally.

PC Pitstop was founded in 1999 and has performed over 100 Million scans all over the globe, from home PC users to Fortune 500 companies. Today the company uses their vast repository of knowledge to provide worldwide PC performance rankings. This new feature in OverDrive allows users from all over the globe to compare their performance with others.

Optimize is available as an annual subscription for $29.99 and includes all updates to the product during that time period. To access the free Optimize 2.0 scan, visit

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