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January 24, 2008 10:49 ET

PCMC to Host Capital Markets Seminar

Small Business Execs Will Learn How to Raise $1 Million in Nevada; Opening Remarks by Secretary of State Ross Miller and Presenters to Include Bob Beers and Former Regulators

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 24, 2008) - The regulatory regime for small business has undergone significant changes in the past few years. On Feb. 22, 2008, Las Vegas-based Public Company Management Corporation (OTCBB: PUBC) will educate up to 100 small business executives about the process of gaining access to the capital markets to build stronger companies at its Capital Markets Seminar. The event is being sponsored by Wells Fargo, WaMu, Terpin Communications and the Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board.

"We have provided management consulting services for almost nine years to small business clients seeking to enter the capital markets, become publicly traded, and build their businesses," said Stephen Brock, President of PCMC. "For several reasons, we believe Nevada companies have specific advantages, so we are producing the seminar to teach business executives how this process works."

After attending the four-hour seminar, executives will be able to answer the following questions:

--  How can I raise $1 million in Nevada?
--  How can I get my company's shares trading in the United States on the
    over-the-counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB)?
--  How long will it take?
--  Can I use the OTCBB as a starting point toward a goal of being listed
    on NASDAQ, AMEX or even NYSE?
--  How much capital can I raise?
--  What are the costs of going public?
--  Will I be shouldering large new personal liabilities?
--  Aren't the costs of ongoing SEC compliance too much?
--  Where will I find all the lawyers, accountants and specialists?

Space at the seminar is limited to 100 executives. While the cost of the seminar is $525, the registration fee will be waived for companies with annual sales of at least $1 million or assets of at least $2 million. Interested executives may register for the seminar at

This information-packed seminar will feature industry professionals who will discuss various issues including economic development incentives, funding, and the realities of trading in the public markets. Speakers will include:

--  Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, who will give opening remarks.
--  Bob Beers, CPA, Nevada State Senator and Vice-Chairman of the Finance
    Committee, will discuss Nevada securities benefits and strategies for
    raising capital in the state.
--  Peter Chepucavage, General Counsel of Plexus Consulting Group, a
    former Attorney Fellow for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in
    Washington D.C. and former Assistant General Counsel of the NASD, now
    FINRA, will discuss short selling and recent changes to the small business
    regulatory regime.
--  Larry Wilson, a Principal at Franklin, Cardwell & Jones, a Houston-
    based law firm, will discuss public compliance and corporate structures.
    Larry focuses on general corporate, securities regulation, acquisitions and
    other transactional matters.  He has also worked in the legal departments
    within a number of public companies.
--  Charles Bennett, Senior VP of Intercom Consulting, will discuss
    corporate finance, detailing how initial public offerings work and the role
    of the NASD, now FINRA.  Charles is a 25-year veteran of the securities
    markets and capital formation industries and former corporate finance
    director of FINRA.
--  Representatives from Pacific Stock Transfer Company will explain how a
    transfer agency manages a company's stock certificates and stockholders
    over the life of a public company.
--  John Malone, Co-founder, and Steven Vertucci, Partner, of Malone &
    Bailey, PC, Certified Public Accounting Firm, will discuss the audit
    features needed for becoming public.  John specializes in delivering audit
    and tax services to publicly traded and closely held companies.  Steven is
    well versed in handling SEC and private audits and quarterly interim
    reviews along with corporate and individual income tax matters.
--  Trae O'Neil High, CLO and CFO of PCMC, will discuss recent changes to
    Rule 144 adopted by the SEC to facilitate small business capital formation.
    Trae has represented clients in the fields of corporate securities and
    taxation since 2003.
--  Stephen Brock, President and CEO of PCMC, will mediate the seminar.
    Stephen has founded three companies devoted to small business issuers.  He
    is a business pioneer in advising and consulting private companies on
    alternative IPO solutions and going public through self-distribution of

In addition, other capital markets professionals will be available to discuss options for raising capital through equity placements and debt via convertible debentures and possible banking loans, as well as the importance of audit coordination prior to delivering an audit package to an auditor.

About Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board (NEDAB)

NEDAB is a council of prominent businesspeople and legislators who share a vision of diversified economic growth through participation in capital marketing and are working with other businesses and government to make that vision a reality. NEDAB believes that Nevada has the potential to become the premier destination in the U.S. for small business issuers looking to enter the capital markets; that Nevada corporations across a variety of industries can benefit from participating in the capital markets as a way to build long-term shareholder value, provide access to capital, increase visibility and improve business practices to meet the standards of being a public company; and that an increased number of Nevada corporations successfully entering and sustaining participation in the capital markets will create diversified economic growth, increase the number of companies that physically relocate to Nevada, create new jobs and increase revenue for the state.

About Public Company Management Corporation

PCMC is a management consulting firm that educates and assists small businesses to improve their management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance and other business processes with a focus on capital market participation. We provide solutions to clients at various stages of the business lifecycle:

--  Educational products to improve business processes or explore entering
    the capital markets.
--  Consulting to early-stage companies planning for growth.
--  Management consulting services to companies seeking to enter the
    public capital markets via self-underwriting or direct public offering or
    move from one capital market to another.
--  Regulatory compliance services to fully reporting, publicly traded

As a public company with its common stock quoted and traded on the OTCBB, PCMC endeavors to lead by example.

In an effort to engender greater awareness, transparency and mainstream legitimacy to the OTCBB, a frequently misunderstood capital market, PCMC has established the PCMC Bulletin Board 30 Index®, which can be viewed at The companies listed in the index are not clients of PCMC and PCMC does not own any of their securities.

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