March 21, 2016 04:06 ET

PDC BIG, the People ID Experts That Truly Know Retail

PDC BIG Understand the Importance of a Great First Impression

HAMPTON HILL, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - March 21, 2016) - First impressions count, and the customer experience while shopping is crucial. It influences perceptions, and reinforces trust and commitment in the retailer.

The relationship between customers and retailers is one of the most widely studied topics, and there are various theories emphasising the interdependency between customer perceptions, first impressions and their purchasing behaviours. Indeed, a positive perception, backed by an equally positive personal experience in-store, has proven to increase loyalty and repeat purchases.

Recent international research goes a step further and shows that customers want to be able to identify a sales person by name and look out for name badges on sales staff. This behavior was also found to influence purchasing decisions and was common across age groups and demographics. Furthermore, while name badges improve the customers' satisfaction with the overall purchasing experience, their positive satisfaction in turn helps boost morale and staff retention, making staff feel part of a team and proud of their brand.

Such findings clearly demonstrate the importance of brand visibility and the continued investment in building a personal relationship with customers. Asked to comment on the usage and importance of name badges in retail, Mark Owers, PDC BIG UK and Ireland Sales Manager, agreed and said that as global experts in People ID, they have found this to be also the case among their retail clients. 

PDC BIG, part of the Brady Corporation, are focused on People ID. They have over a century's experience harnessing technology and innovation within People ID and providing excellent customer service. Trusted with brands for leading high street stores and international retailers such as Tesco, M& S, B&Q, Co-op, Texaco, Morrisons, Asda, Arcadia Group, Primark and New Look, PDC BIG truly understand the importance of making a great first impression, especially in a retail environment where People Identification, security, facilities management and branding are crucial to the success of the business.

Over the years, PDC BIG has built a reputation for designing innovative and effective name badge solutions using technology and customer insights, such as the Selfit™ original reusable badge and the PDC BIG Badge Surround, a great combination which enables retailers to easily and quickly deploy instore promotions. From special offers, seasonal campaigns, festive wishes or imparting personal information about staff members, the Badge Surround allows the existing badge to be updated with a new message simply by changing the outer part of the badge. It has proven to be a remarkably cost-effective and elegant solution to promote brands and key messages within the retail environment.

Ongoing Investment in Ease of Use Systems

PCD BIG are retail experts. They know and understand the pressures and frustrations connected with ordering and purchasing name badges. With this in mind, they have invested in state-of-the-art technologies to drive down the cost of manufacturing personalised badges and make ordering as hassle free as possible.

PDC BIG first launched their online ordering web-based system over 15 years ago. This has now evolved into Click2Order, an integrated virtual ordering platform that is truly online. The new and improved online ordering system from PDC BIG has been designed to remove the challenges typically associated with managing and ordering name badges, incorporating technologies such as digital printing, multiple languages, images, seasonality, personalisation, reporting and central management.

Tesco are multiple users of Click2Order, taking full advantage of its ability to simplify the logistical processes for their stores. With over 3,000 stores in the UK, and 1,200 within Europe, even the fulfillment process -- such as delivering to multiple addresses in several different countries -- could get complicated. PDC BIG use their expertise to keep things simple by tailoring their ordering site to Tesco's exact requirements, reducing the administration, speeding up delivery times and improving efficiency.

Describing the system, Mark Owers explained, "We are really pleased to be able to offer a full, integrated online ordering platform that can be tailored to our clients' needs. It is so much more than just an online ordering site; users can view reports, manage multiple international deliveries and see online proofs at the touch of a button. We are constantly investing in our people and technologies to stay ahead of the competition and make ordering name badges as quick and easy as possible."

PDC BIG have also incorporated innovative features such as QR codes into Click2Order. Quoting the Tesco Uniform Manager, "...For me, the biggest benefit is the ability for over 250,000 of our colleagues to be able to go online from any mobile device or computer and order their own name badges, by simply scanning a QR code, which takes them to their store's name badge (and uniform) intuitive ordering site. It's really clever stuff."

With Click2Order, PDC BIG guarantees overall costs savings and efficiencies. The whole operation is fast and effective. It has eliminated paperwork, thus reducing the processes and chances for errors. It provides full management information and visibility of activity. In addition, Click2Order harnesses numerous technologies, and incorporates permanent and reusable name badging options that are practical, easy to use and that maintain brand consistency. All in all, it is a convenient 24/7 online and secure ordering system that maintains a professional, global brand consistency, all contained within an online click!

The company has continuously invested in state-of-the-art technologies that simplify the process of ordering name badges and drive down the cost of their manufacture. Permanent or reusable badges (and the accessories to compliment them) can be tailored, produced and delivered to customers wherever they are located. PDC BIG processes more than two million name badges, a billion wristbands, half a million lanyards and 13 million business cards each year for companies of all sizes and across all industries. It supplies products from its 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ipswich.

PDC BIG are fully compliant, ISO 9001:2008 certified and members of Sedex. They are totally committed to looking after their people and company while striving to be as sustainable and corporately responsible as possible. It is precisely this mindset and approach to detail, customer satisfaction and ongoing investment that has confirmed PDC BIG's position as retail experts.

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