SOURCE: Peachtree Data Inc.

June 20, 2005 16:19 ET

Peachtree Data Offers LACSLink™ Service

NORCROSS, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 20, 2005 -- Peachtree Data, a recognized leader in data processing for the direct marketing industry, is now offering LACSLink™ processing.

LACSLink is a new product being introduced by the USPS®. It enables Peachtree Data to provide a new address when a converted address matches the LACSLink file. These converted addresses could arise for several reasons, but most commonly arise from implementation of the 911 emergency response system, which normally involves changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses or in renaming or renumbering existing city-style addresses. By using the LACSLink service mailers are able to make corrections to their database, prior to mailing.

Since the mid 1980s, the 911 emergency response system has meant the conversion of rural route-style addresses to city-style street names across America. 911 automatically associates a physical address with the telephone number from which an emergency call is made to police, fire or ambulance so authorities can respond faster.

Understanding that this could affect mailers, the USPS originally developed the Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS). This provided mailers with an automated method of obtaining new address information when a 911 conversion has occurred. Now the Postal Service™ Address Management group is offering LACSLink, which features the same secure data store design and encryption technology used in NCOALink™. This "Link" technology maintains the privacy and security of the data while allowing mailers easy access when they have an outdated address that needs to be converted. Mailers can only obtain the new address if they already possess the old address.

"We are proud to be one of, if not the first service bureau to offer LACSLink. This enables us to provide our customers with the latest product available, while using our experience in the market place to ensure a smooth transition from the soon to be retiring LACS product," said Richard West, President of Peachtree Data.

Peachtree Data now offers mailers LACSLink as a stand-alone service, or can be combined with NCOALink. Since Peachtree Data is licensed as a Full Service Provider for NCOALink this enables mailers to update their database utilizing the full 48 month change of address database. By combining NCOALink with LACSLink Peachtree Data is able to offer mailers a complete change of address solution.

About Peachtree Data

Founded in 1994 Peachtree Data offers database, mailing list, data conversion and managed data storage services, with a focus on the Direct Marketing Industry. In addition to LACSLink services include: NCOALink, Merge/Purge, DPV™, DSF2™, Telephone Append, Demographic Append, Suppression Services (including deceased, DMA Do Not Mail, and TPS), Postal Presort, and List Rental Fulfillment.

To learn more about Peachtree Data visit the company's website at or call 800-477-3224.

* Peachtree Data is a non-exclusive Full Service Provider licensee of the United States Postal Service. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service: United States Postal Service, USPS, Postal Service, DPV, DSF2, LACSLink and NCOALink.

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