Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.

April 18, 2012 13:03 ET

Peak and LongKey Release AiNi™ 3.0 Mobile Cloud Platform

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - April 18, 2012) - Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. ("Peak") (TSX VENTURE:PKK) and its Chinese partner, LongKey-Hong Kong Ltd. ("LongKey") today announced the commercial release of their co-developed AiNi™3.0 Mobile Cloud Platform for smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices. AiNi™3.0 will initially be sold to corporate clients of China Telecom in Jiangsu province, with wider distribution in other Chinese provinces and with other distribution partners to follow. Peak and LongKey share royalties on sales of the platform.

AiNi™3.0 (Access Information Networks Instantly) provides a unified platform for various mobile applications to share functions and access common cloud-based data. AiNi™3.0 greatly simplifies the task of managing mobile communications for companies and their employees alike. The ultimate goal is more efficient business operations and competitive advantage for AiNi™3.0 subscribers. For more detail on the customer benefits of AiNi™3.0 see the Product Profile attached to this news release.

"AiNi™3.0 has been designed to work seamlessly with the smart devices' core functions and comes by default with LongKey's suite of standard mobile applications", said Varujan Tasci, Chief Technology Officer of Peak. "These include automated device configuration, instant messaging, cloud-based contacts, calendar and e-mail synchronization, as well as HomeWave™'s BlueSync, lock/unlock and locate security features", Mr. Tasci added.

"We're very excited about the commercial release of AiNi™3.0 and so are our sales and distribution partners", said Golden Qiu, Chief Technology Officer of LongKey. "We believe that the new platform will be of enormous value to corporate IT departments needing to deploy mobile devices across their organizations; and, we're just getting started. Smart devices are becoming increasingly powerful in terms of what they can do so the potential for new business applications is virtually endless," he stated.

"The launch of AiNi™3.0 is the culmination of a determined, seven-month effort on the part of Peak and LongKey software engineers to co-develop a mobile cloud platform that delivers significant value to businesses in China", said Johnson Joseph, President and Chief Executive Officer of Peak. "We now expect AiNi™3.0 to deliver significant value to our shareholders in the form of a growing stream of royalties, beginning in the current quarter and growing steadily thereafter", Mr. Joseph said.

About The Chinese Telecom market:

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and based on published data from China's three largest telecom service providers, there were 987 million mobile subscribers in China as of January 2012. Since 2008, the Chinese government has made a concerted effort to increase the use of 3G technology in China and the Chinese smartphone market is growing dramatically. U.S.-based International Data Corporation recently released a report indicating that China will account for 20.7%, or 137 million, of the projected 660 million global smartphone shipments in 2012, leapfrogging the United States to become the biggest smartphone market in terms of annual shipments in the world.

About Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.:

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:PKK), is a Canadian software developer for smartphones and other mobile computing devices, conducting business primarily in China and North America. In association with its partner, LongKey-Hong Kong Ltd, the company has developed a suite of applications for mobile devices that includes: cloud-based calendar, e-mail and contacts synchronization, automated device configuration, and HomeWave™ mobility security. While LongKey markets the applications in China through its partnerships with major Chinese telecommunication companies and banks, Peak plans to similarly market the applications for its own account in North America. For more information:

About LongKey-Hong Kong Ltd.:

LongKey Hong Kong Ltd., through its subsidiary LongKey Software Technology Ltd., provides a wide range of IT solutions, business management applications, and mobile applications based on its proprietary Unified Information Services Platform (UISP). LongKey's applications are distributed to end-users in China by some of China's largest telecom and banking entities. For more information:

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Product Profile

AiNi™3.0 Mobile Cloud Platform

The AiNi™3.0 Mobile Cloud Platform provides a unified platform for various mobile device applications to share functions and access common, cloud-based data. It was co-developed by Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. ("Peak") of Montréal, Canada and LongKey Software Technology Ltd. ("LongKey") of Wuxi, China. The initial release of AiNi™3.0 comes packaged with LongKey's suite of standard mobile applications, which include automated device configuration, cloud-based contacts synchronization, calendar synchronization, e-mail, and HomeWave™ mobile security which itself includes remote device lock/unlock, remote device locating and BlueSync™ device pairing.

Benefits for Corporate Clients

  • Easier for IT departments to support corporate fleet of mobile devices
  • Automated device configuration - by accessing the company Server through AiNi™3.0, newly issued or upgraded devices are automatically configured for employees' e-mail, calendar and contact settings.
  • Access to cloud-based data by employees through their mobile devices facilitates internal communication and ensures that everyone is working with up-to-date information.
  • Built-in push technology allows for instant messaging broadcast of corporate memos to off-site employees.
  • If an employee's smartphone, tablet or laptop is lost or stolen, HomeWave™ mobile security makes it possible to locate the missing device and prevent third-party access to sensitive corporate information by locking it.

Benefits for End Users

  • Easy to use - access to key information such as contacts, calendar and email is available using the familiar look and feel of the native interface of the smart device.
  • AiNi™3.0 sync engine eliminates replication of data entry of contact and calendar information on mobile devices.
  • Improved integration and interaction between mobile applications and the smart device's core functions of contacts, calendar and e-mail.
  • Core functions can continue to be used in situations when the network becomes unavailable. AiNi™3.0 automatically reconnects the smart device to the server for data synchronization when the network becomes available.

Future Applications

The next release of the AiNi™ platform is expected to incorporate office automation and workflow management applications. In addition to these business management applications, and in collaboration with LongKey's banking and telecommunication partners, Peak and LongKey plan to leverage AiNi™ to introduce and package a variety of new categories of applications to their current mobile offering portfolio, from mobile banking and payment applications to social media and location-based utility applications.


AiNi™3.0 is currently available to select corporate clients of China Telecom in Jiangsu province as part of a pilot project. The Company's plans call for the platform to be made available to other distribution partners and deployed in multiple provinces in China by the end of the second quarter of 2012.

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