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Veritomyx, Inc.

September 08, 2016 11:30 ET

PeakInvestigator™ v1.3 Mass Spec Deconvolution & Centroiding Software Released, Improving Biomarker Discovery Rates

Adds Highest-Resolution Mass Spec Support, and Cost Efficiency Improvements

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2016) - Veritomyx, Inc., a leading innovator in mass spectral analysis software, today announced the release of PeakInvestigator™ v1.3 software services ("PeakInvestigator"), applying advanced signal processing algorithms to reveal peaks and biomarkers previously hidden within overlaps or below analysis thresholds in raw mass spectral data. The resulting more complete and precise peak lists increase biomarker discovery and validation rates, and provide faster, more accurate biomarker identification and quantitation results from new or existing raw mass spectral files.

PeakInvestigator now commands more efficient cloud-computing resource scaling, to deliver results with up to 3x more resource efficiency and corresponding client cost reductions. PeakInvestigator v1.3 also adds support for the very highest resolution FTICR mass spectrometers, extending PeakInvestigator services to all major classes of mass spectrometers: Time-of-Flight (TOF), Ion trap, Orbitrap and FTICR.

In a collaboration with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, presented at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual meeting (June 5-9, 2016), PeakInvestigator improved the resolution of complex petroleum FTICR spectra by 2x, resulting in more accurate component analyses at all FTICR resolutions evaluated. This resolution multiplication allows the NHMFL to extend the capabilities of existing FTICR instruments, or to generate mass list data of the same quality in half the time.

Mr. Jeffrey N. Peterson, CEO & Chairman of Veritomyx, said: "Our release of PeakInvestigator v1.3 is accelerating the leap forward in discovery capabilities enjoyed by our global user base, and at an even more affordable pennies per scan level. Today, competition in science R&D effectiveness hinges on matters of speed, completeness and accuracy. PeakInvestigator offers important advances in all of these factors. We are honored to partner with and serve the discovery and development objectives of clients across the scientific and medical disciplines."

Mr. Peterson added: "We have been pleased to apply PeakInvestigator to enable new discoveries in fields outside of the life sciences, such as petroleomics applications for the Oil & Gas industry. These applications deal with sample complexities requiring the very highest resolution FTICR mass spectrometers, and we are finding that PeakInvestigator's resolution-multiplying capabilities are opening up access to unprecedented levels of discrimination in separating out overlapping compositional variants that are virtually identical in mass. Clients that go the extra mile to provide isotopically-pure spectral characterization files are now able to push these ultimate mass-resolving instruments to even higher levels without increasing investments in ever-stronger magnets."

Dr. Luke V. Schneider, CSO of Veritomyx's parent Target Discovery, Inc., explained: "The signal processing algorithms that we pioneered allow PeakInvestigator to deliver these unprecedented capabilities for resolution, sensitivity and precision. Our algorithms automatically detect and adapt to local baseline variations and analyzer tuning parameters, and deliver statistically-driven, optimized results previously unavailable from centroiding software."

Dr. Schneider continued: "We are particularly pleased to deliver these PeakInvestigator capabilities in a fully-automated format, requiring no user-adjustable parameters. This robust design minimizes user, run-to-run, and instrument variability, by adapting itself to instrument and tuning variations. Our goal for Veritomyx is to enable clients to squeeze out of their raw data the best possible mass spectral results that statistics will allow, conveniently within their normal workflows."

About PeakInvestigator™ v1.3 Software Services

PeakInvestigator delivers a revolutionary new signal-processing strategy for the fully-automated extraction of more complete, precise and reproducible data from mass spectra. The revelation of multiple components hidden in unresolved peaks allows researchers to mine critical new information from their mass spectra that previously went undetected. PeakInvestigator offers researchers in all fields access to important new discoveries not just from new mass spectrometry research, but also freshly-mined from their archives of existing raw mass spectral data.

PeakInvestigator software processes raw mass spectral scan files, and delivers an automated, user-independent data analysis with an effective 3-4X resolution increase beyond that provided by the mass spec hardware/software platform. It also defines and accesses meaningful signals differentiated from near-noise levels, far beyond traditional operational capabilities.

Hidden discovery challenges that would otherwise demand expensive upgrades in mass spectrometry hardware (assuming precious samples were even available for re-analysis) can instead be solved for pennies per scan as PeakInvestigator post-processes existing data. PeakInvestigator is designed to process entire or partial LC/MS, GC/MS, CE/MS or other scan sets, or just a single spectrum.

PeakInvestigator utilizes efficient high-performance cloud computing resources offered securely in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format. A simple public application-programming interface (API) is freely available for implementation within users' existing mass spectrometry workflows. This leaves their validated workflow intact, while selectively accessing new PeakInvestigator capabilities.

For immediate and convenient access, MZmine PeakInvestigator™ Edition extends MZmine 2, a popular open-source mass spectrometry workflow platform, to include PeakInvestigator in its mass detection options. PeakInvestigator™ Direct Access allows users to upload and process one or more mass scans directly through their browser.

About Veritomyx, Inc.

Veritomyx, Inc. develops, markets and sells access to innovative software solutions addressing long-standing limitations in mass spectrometry signal processing and biomolecular identification challenges. Across the life sciences, the complexity of biological samples often present demands to detect and resolve overlapped information, or to deliver extraordinary signal analysis sensitivity and precision in proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, etc. These challenges extend into the food/agriculture sector, and beyond into petroleum, industrial, and environmental applications. 

Veritomyx is a majority-owned subsidiary of Target Discovery, Inc., an innovator in personalized medicine that specializes in the discovery, validation, and utilization of protein isoforms to improve clinical diagnosis and management of disease.

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