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March 25, 2008 07:59 ET

Peanut Labs Unveils OptimusID to Resolve Online Market Research Data Quality Crisis

Marketers and Advertisers Now Able to Make Better Campaign and Product Development Decisions With Patent-Pending Filtering Technology Fighting Fraudulent Online Survey Responses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 25, 2008) -

News Facts

  • Peanut Labs, provider of the largest online market research panel, today announced the unveiling of OptimusID™, a patent-pending software technology developed to eliminate fraudulent online responses in order to combat the growing data quality crisis in online market research.
  • Currently in private beta, OptimusID is being tested by more than 20 of the Honomichl top 50 market research firms, as well as name brands from the banking, gaming, packaged goods, and entertainment industries.
  • On April 1, Peanut Labs is opening participation to its OptimusID early access program for interested market research firms and consumer marketers. Those wishing to participate should contact Peanut Labs on this link ( The early access program precedes the product's general availability in mid-spring of 2008.
  • With OptimusID, Peanut Labs is also unveiling its Respondent Rehab Database, a centralized database of repeat bad respondents that restricts these professional respondents from taking further surveys until clearing rehab.

Situational Analysis

  • Advertisers and marketers rely on quality market research data to make critical multi-million dollar marketing and product development business decisions. With online panels offering a cheaper alternative to traditional panels, they have become the primary panel source for market research professionals. As this alternative has increased in adoption, the number of market research "spammers" or bad respondents has also increased.
  • According to a 2005 comScore report, less than 1 percent of Internet survey takers account for 30 percent of all surveys taken, dragging down research quality with fraudulent activity like duplicate responses, speeding through surveys, straight-lining down a survey or even setting up bot networks to rig responses, leading to 40 percent of online responses being suspect in some cases.
  • Until OptimusID, market researchers have not had any technological help in controlling these fraudulent activities affecting data quality, making it increasingly difficult for researchers to obtain the highest quality audience insights they seek.

How OptimusID Works

  • OptimusID utilizes a proprietary algorithmic method to 'fingerprint' a survey taker's computer without using cookies or downloads, for accurate measurement of individual online response.
  • OptimusID gathers some 150 publicly available machine information points from a respondent's computer. OptimusID then processes the information points through a proprietary algorithmic method and assigns a digital fingerprint to each unique computer-user combination to build a survey-specific behavioral history for each respondent.
  • Using this survey history and machine "fingerprint," OptimusID blocks professional respondents using multiple email accounts for survey taking on the same computer as duplicates. This also filters respondents using multiple accounts from multiple research firms on the same computer.
  • Survey takers found to be participating in too many surveys within a predetermined time-period are identified as professional respondents and blocked.
  • Respondents speeding through surveys are stopped and respondents straight-lining, lying or satisficing through answers are flagged and entered into the Rehab database.
  • Even if users delete their cookies or change IP addresses, OptimusID provides an extra layer of detection that still recognizes habitually bad respondents.

Multimedia Elements

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Peanut Labs Quote

"Despite the best efforts of the market research industry to fight the online data quality issue, bad respondents have persisted, skewing data quality in a severe manner that has forced us to develop this technology as a response. We feel that OptimusID represents a leap forward for the market research industry as they can now filter out fraud, ultimately meaning substantially better market research data quality leading to better advertising and marketing decisions."

- Ali Moiz, Chief Operating Officer of Peanut Labs

Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR) Quote

"The issue of data quality is one about which the entire profession is concerned, so new technologies that seek to improve data quality are an important step for the profession as a whole."

- Patrick Glaser, Director of Respondent Cooperation at CMOR

Knowledge Networks Quote

"Since our founding ten years ago, Knowledge Networks has been dedicated to high-quality market research data, so we are pleased to see a company like Peanut Labs share our passion for such an important topic. Other industries like oil, steel and paper judge the grade of the raw material. Now the market research industry has that option. With the ability to provide complete 'multivariate' data quality control, OptimusID improves issues such as cross panel duplicates or hyperactive respondents to ultimately provide the rigorous data quality that the online research industry -- and most importantly our clients -- demand."

- Pat Graham, Chief Marketing Officer at Knowledge Networks

About Peanut Labs

Peanut Labs is changing the status quo of market research tools with its Sample3.0 product linking researchers to online sample via social networks and online communities worldwide including MySpace, Facebook, and Google OpenSocial. The company's newest product, OptimusID™, is a patent-pending technology filter used to vastly improve the quality of online sample data. More information about Peanut Labs can be found at


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