October 08, 2009 19:30 ET

Pearls From PearlParadise.com Offer Conflict-Free, Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Choice

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2009) - If the thought of buying diamonds has an unethical appeal, opt for the conflict-free, environmentally friendly choice of pearls instead, says PearlParadise.com, Inc., the world's largest online pearl company.

"Sometimes called 'blood' diamonds or conflict diamonds when they can be linked to corrupt groups or factions who traffic their diamonds to perpetuate war, diamonds are often seen as an unethical jewelry choice," said Jeremy Shepherd, President of PearlParadise.com, Inc. "In addition, most diamonds, gemstones and precious metals are found through hard-rock mining, which displaces large amounts of earth, then uses chemicals to leach metals such as gold from the earth, leaving toxic chemicals in the ground."

In contrast, pearl farms are generally very "green" and environmentally friendly; they are one of the few industries that give back more than they take from the environment. High-quality pearls can only be harvested from healthy oysters grown in clean, nutrient rich waters, so pearl farmers are often the leading local advocates in enacting laws and protecting water quality to keep their industry alive.

Cages, ropes, nets and other equipment used on pearl farms provide a habitat for aquatic species such as lobsters, fish, crustaceans and shellfish during critical times in their life cycles. Oyster cages provide these aquatic species vital protection from predators and a larger area for mating.

In addition, pearl oysters clean the water, remove nitrogen and accelerate the process of de-nitrification by passing water over their gills and using it for food or binding it into larger pieces to discharge. Due to their ability to remove heavy metals from polluted waters, there are potential bio-remediative possibilities from pearl oysters as well.

"If you want a 'green' piece of jewelry, without spending a lot of green, come to PearlParadise.com," said Shepherd. "We offer the widest selection of pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl bridal jewelry -- all crafted from environmentally friendly pearls."

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Founded in 1996, and launched online in 2000, PearlParadise.com, Inc. is the world's largest online pearl company selling the world's finest pearls at up to 80% off retail prices. With a custom-built, 1,400-cubic-foot vault filled with pearls, PearlParadise.com, Inc. offers a selection of pearls unlike any other pearl seller, including Tahitian, saltwater, and freshwater pearls.

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