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February 22, 2010 08:00 ET

Pearltrees Delivers Real-Time Human Curation of the Web

Organize and Personalize the Web in Just Two Clicks

PARIS--(Marketwire - February 22, 2010) -  Pearltrees (, the first human-organized network of interests that enables users to organize their own content with intuitive drag and drop structures, today announced a series of features to manage one's Web instantaneously. Pearltrees empowers users in a single interface to manage content found everyday on the Web, discover new information from people who share common interests, drive them through their own Web, and contribute to the first human-powered organization of the Web. With new features incorporated into the product, Pearltrees now offers users an experience closer to how humans manage items in real life and pave the way towards more collaboration.

The "pearls" in Pearltrees represent the Web content a user finds interesting. More than just bookmarks, pearls are Web objects that can be manipulated. This means users are able to organize pearls by simple drag and drop to build a story. Users also can organize and reorganize accounts instantly without the need to tag and re-tag to keep and retrieve contents.

When users pearl online content, it appears instantly on their pearltree and is visible to all other Pearltrees users. A key component to Pearltrees is that users organize their Web with their "hands" in real time, similar to how we organize information outside of the digital world.

To bring this physical manipulation to the experience, the team at Pearltrees has developed a solution that combines management of smart objects and a sophisticated ranking algorithm. Unlike other ranking algorithms, Pearltrees incorporates a relative ranking algorithm that ranks based on a user's specific selections, that is, the ranking is based on each Pearltree or branch a user creates. For example, if a user has a Pearltree about music, it ranks all the other music Pearltrees based on the contents of that user's Pearltree. 

The result is a tool unprecedented on the Web -- an application that both manages the movement of objects by thousands of users, and instantly makes these changes visible.

In addition to managing Web content, Pearltrees also introduces a new type of social connection. This enables users to connect through specific interests, not friends. When users share the same pearl, there is a connection that ensures users have a common interest. By adding another user's Pearltree or branch to their own Pearltree, a user can follow the topic as curated specifically by that user.

Features include:

  • A simplified route: Organize your Web with two clicks -- To begin organizing a personal Web, start surfing the internet. Pearltrees has updated its Firefox and Internet Explorer toolbar plugins to more easily organize the Web directly from the toolbar. Now users can see a hierarchical text image of their pearltree and immediately add a new pearl in its correct place. Surf the Web and select content; pearl with the first click and arrange the tree with a second click. Instantly, this new pearl appears in the tree.
  • A natural navigation: Direct access to news -- On Pearltrees, the worlds of everyone's interests are constantly changing. To monitor activity and continually discover new content, Pearltrees has established a reporting system that simplifies access to news. This access is now a single click, regardless of the location of new pearls.
  • A comfortable interface: Organizing and exploring becomes a pleasure -- Pearltrees has updated the user interface of the site to make management more visual and ergonomic, creating a smoother and richer experience.
  • Updated TwitterSync: Pearltrees has added further synchronization and intuitive capabilities with Twitter. TwitterSync automatically pearls URLs tweeted to a user's pearltree. Now with TwitterSync users can directly add a tweeted URL to a specific Pearltree branch by adding a hashtag that denotes the correct branch, ie. #exactnameofthepearltree. The feature also now catches common mistakes such as spaces and spelling and will retrieve the correct pearltree.

About Pearltrees

Pearltrees is pioneering the human curation of the Web. Pearltrees is a human-organized network of interests that enables users to store, organize and retrieve content they come across on the Web. In doing so, users connect with others who share their tastes and discover new content related to their interests. Introduced in December 2009, the beta version of Pearltrees has brought together tens of thousands of Internet users around a "tree of pearls" who share their passions and interests, whether political, societal or simply recreation.

Pearltrees is based in Paris, France. The company is funded by private investors and was recognized by OSEO, the French agency for Innovation, as a "breakthrough innovation" in 2009.

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