July 11, 2012 11:00 ET

PECI Launches GrocerSmart® 4 Software

Energy Auditing Software Provides More Detailed Site-Specific Data Collection in Half the Time

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2012) - PECI, a leader in energy efficiency solutions, announced today the release of GrocerSmart 4, a major upgrade to the company's proprietary energy auditing and modeling software tool. GrocerSmart, a first-of-its-kind software platform that provides site-specific, commercial refrigeration energy savings analysis, has been used exclusively in PECI's EnergySmart Grocer program since 2002.

GrocerSmart 4 offers significant enhancements to the previous software platform:

  • Uses industry-standard DOE2.2R modeling as well as actual equipment specifications and store operating conditions to calculate accurate, site-specific energy savings
  • Accounts for measure interactivity, producing more accurate reported savings
  • Streamlines and accelerates custom analysis and new measure development processes

"With its use of the industry-standard DOE2.2R calculation system, GrocerSmart now has the ability to deliver a 'mass custom' approach, enabling highly accurate, site-specific energy savings analysis that can be done as quickly and cost-effectively as prescriptive approaches," said Jeremy Litow, Director of PECI's Grocery Practice. "This marks a significant extension to our Commercial Refrigeration program offering."

GrocerSmart is a key component of PECI's nationally recognized EnergySmart Grocer program. The software is used by PECI Field Energy Analysts to shorten the time required for onsite survey, measure recommendation, energy savings report presentation and customer commitment processes -- all completed within a half day -- while capturing more detail than ever before. The software expedites decision-making, accurately documents baselines and vastly streamlines the computation of energy savings.  

About EnergySmart Grocer
EnergySmart Grocer helps supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other businesses save energy and money through high-efficiency retrofits. Most of these efforts focus on refrigeration and lighting, areas where significant energy-saving opportunities abound. The program offers financial rebates, access to qualified contractors, site-specific analysis and no-cost energy audits. To find out more about EnergySmart Grocer, visit

About PECI
PECI is a leader in the field of energy efficiency solutions with expertise in designing and delivering programs for utility and government agency clients.

Through sustained market and customer engagement, PECI achieves persistent energy savings and reaches millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers. A nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating the new energy economy, PECI was founded in 1980 and has offices in Portland, Oregon as well as Northern and Southern California. To learn more, visit

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