PEER 1 Network Enterprises, Inc.

PEER 1 Network Enterprises, Inc.

March 23, 2005 09:00 ET

Peer 1 Network Enterprises Inc.: ServerBeach's Innovative New Rapidrescue Tool Empowers Customers




MARCH 23, 2005 - 09:00 ET

Peer 1 Network Enterprises Inc.: ServerBeach's
Innovative New Rapidrescue Tool Empowers Customers

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--(CCNMatthews - March 23, 2005) - Peer 1 Network
Enterprises Inc. (TSX VENTURE:PIX)

New proprietary server recovery software gives customers unprecedented
control over dedicated servers

ServerBeach Ltd., a Peer 1 Network Enterprises Inc. company, and a
leading provider of self-managed hosting, today announced the
introduction of RapidRescue™, a proprietary server recovery feature
developed by ServerBeach staff. RapidRescue is a one-of-a-kind
technology that allows Linux customers to rescue their dedicated servers
from potentially fatal errors instantly through the MyServerBeach
customer portal.

"From time to time, a server suffers from errors which render it
inoperable," explained Robert Miggins, Chief Operations Officer of
ServerBeach. "Previously at ServerBeach, indeed at most other dedicated
server companies, customers were required to alert a technician and then
wait for them to access the server and put it into rescue mode, to
permit critical operations like reboots and repairs to take place.
RapidRescue puts that time and power in the hands of our customer,
giving them unprecedented control over their servers."

RapidRescue is yet another part of the BeachBall Total Automation™
system which gives customers a degree of control over their servers that
previously could only be accomplished with expensive hardware-based
solutions. This proprietary, home-grown solution incorporates
RapidReboot™ technology and a network accessible computing
environment on an otherwise inaccessible server. This gives customers
the ability to recover from server errors that are normally fatal
without the intervention of a datacenter technician.

"The majority of our customers are highly technical and would rather fix
many problems on their own, even if they know a datacenter technician
can be there in just a few minutes. RapidRescue is a true geek tool that
can save customers countless hours and the frustration of having to
redeploy their servers," said Henry Pugsley, ServerBeach lead developer
and one of the inventors of RapidRescue.

Kelley Spoon, a ServerBeach customer, has experienced the joys of
RapidRescue™ first-hand. "A portion of my hard drive had become
corrupted and the RapidRescue™ system really saved my bacon. Not only
is it a technically impressive technology, I think it's a great example
of how ServerBeach provides self-service support tools so their clients
can resolve their own problems quickly, which for customers like me
makes ServerBeach 1000 times more attractive than what other hosting
providers offer."

About ServerBeach

ServerBeach offers self-managed servers to small businesses and
technology hobbyists. Built on solid hardware, the reliable Peer 1
Network and burstable bandwidth, ServerBeach provides Linux and
Microsoft users with a low-cost dedicated server, complete with a full
set of developer's tools. For more information visit

About Peer 1 Network

Peer 1 Network, the first Internet infrastructure provider to offer a
100% uptime guarantee, delivers leading-edge server colocation, IP
network and customer support solutions to performance-hungry customers
worldwide. Since its inception in 1999, the company has grown to 12
state-of-the-art data centers and 17 points of presence across North
America and Europe, all connected by Peer 1's world class IP network.
Peer 1 serves customers who range from gaming to VoIP, to enterprise.
The company's headquarters are located in Vancouver, Canada and the
stock is traded on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol PIX. Peer
1's family of companies includes ServerBeach Ltd, an self-managed
dedicated server company, and Symmetric Broadband Inc, a wholesale VoIP
termination and origination provider. For more information visit

ServerBeach, RapidReboot, RapidRescue and BeachBall Total Automation are
trademarks of ServerBeach. All other trade names mentioned herein are
believed to be the property of their respective owners.


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