November 12, 2014 06:00 ET

Peers Relaunches to Focus on Supporting the Sharing Economy Workforce

Peers Introduces Transparency and Support Into Work in the Sharing Economy, Through Income Discovery, Support Marketplace and Platform Ratings

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2014) - Peers, the world's largest independent sharing economy community, today announced a new direction: to support workers by making the sharing economy a better work opportunity. The first products released in support of this vision are an Income Discovery tool, Support Marketplace, and Platform Ratings, making it easier for workers to find, compare and manage work in the sharing economy.

"The sharing economy has created a new kind of work," said Shelby Clark, Executive Director of Peers. "What started as an exploration into how we can better use what we already have, has turned into real work that generates income that people rely on. Sharing economy workers are pioneers of a new workforce that is growing outside of the support and protections of the typical employment structure. These workers power the sharing economy, creating their own micro-businesses, building a personal brand, and finding creative ways to build economic opportunity. We need to celebrate them, support them, and ensure the sharing economy works for them."

Peers is supporting workers by creating and aggregating tools to help workers find, compare and manage their sharing economy work, including:

  • Income Discovery: Submit the assets, skills and interests you have (e.g. I have a car, I can cook and I love dogs), and discover dozens of ways to earn, as well as Platform Ratings and reviews from other workers, average earnings, and tips from the community on how to get started.
  • Platform Ratings: Workers can rate their experience working for each platform, to help others find the type of work that suits their lifestyle, and to create transparency into issues that exist for workers.
  • Support Marketplace: Find products and services tailored to the needs of sharing economy workers, to help them manage and optimize their earnings. Examples include QuickBooks Self-Employed financial and tax management software, SherpaShare for optimizing your earnings as a rideshare driver, and Freelancer's Union's health insurance and 401k plan.

The Support Marketplace is the first aggregation of consumer demand for products and services supporting workers in the sharing economy. The marketplace is intended to inspire innovative new products and services that meet the unique needs of sharing economy workers, such as worker's compensation insurance, hybrid commercial/personal insurance policies, sick days, and financial management tools. Peers is currently creating several products to be offered through the Support Marketplace, and the Peers community forum includes a dedicated area to discuss needs for new products and services.

"While being an independent contractor can be very freeing, it is also very challenging," said Dan Carrigan, a public health policy consultant who has been earning a living as a rideshare driver since he was laid off from a nonprofit. "It can be difficult to interpret the changing regulatory environment and insurance restrictions, it is challenging to organize quarterly tax payments and business deductions if you've never needed to do that before, and it can be complicated to calculate your estimated earnings. For many such as myself, sharing economy work can be a great opportunity, but there needs to be more support to help us navigate these challenges."

Anyone can create a free Peers account at, to rate platforms they have worked on. A Peers account is not needed to use the Income Discovery tool or Support Marketplace. For more information, please visit

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Peers is the world's largest independent sharing economy community, whose mission is to make the sharing economy work for the people who power it. Peers supports sharing economy workers with Income Discovery, a Support Marketplace, and Platform Ratings, to make the sharing economy a better work opportunity. Founded in 2013, Peers is based in San Francisco, and has 250,000 members. For more information, please visit

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