Peguis First Nation

Peguis First Nation

October 18, 2013 13:40 ET

Peguis First Nation Says Manitoba Hydro Cumulative Assessment Needed Now

PEGUIS RESERVE, MANITOBA--(Marketwired - Oct. 18, 2013) - Peguis First Nation will advocate for a full, independent regional cumulative effects assessment of current Manitoba Hydro projects during a Clean Environment Commission (CEC) motion hearing today in Winnipeg. The CEC recommended the regional cumulative effects assessment for the hydro system in its Bipole III report. The Minister, Gord Mackintosh, accepted the recommendation, and advised Manitoba Hydro that the cumulative assessment must take place.

The First Nation, who is signatory to Treaty One, with main community in the Interlake in Manitoba, also has lands along Lake Winnipeg, and a huge land entitlement area along the Lake in the Interlake.

Peguis First Nation's motion calls for action on the independent cumulative assessment before the Keeyask hearings start, or that Keeyask hearings not close until the regional cumulative assessment has been conducted. Effects from Manitoba's hydro system on Peguis include loss of 60% of the main reserve, loss of all farmland, repeated flooding, loss of homes, infrastructure, and community security. Peguis has experienced repeated, steadily increasing flood events for many years. More recently the frequency and effects have increased.

Regulation of Lake Winnipeg, to an average water level causes Peguis First Nation to experience back up waters as much as 5 feet higher than the regulated average water level in the north basin.

Effects on ability to exercise aboriginal rights increase with the pattern of flooding, including access to land, ability to use land for income; hunting lands, gathering and land entitlement selection are all affected.

The CEC is hearing other motions in the motions hearing, and will rule on the motions regarding the cumulative effects assessment some time after the motions hearing. The CEC Keeyask hearings begin Monday, October 21 in Winnipeg.

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