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July 07, 2011 08:00 ET

Pelican Rugged Tool Chest That Works Anywhere

ELKTON, MD--(Marketwire - Jul 7, 2011) - Imagine travelling to a remote oil field to make an emergency repair. You rush from your cool, air-conditioned aircraft to the sweltering rig, eager to get to work, and your tool chest won't open. This isn't a nightmare. It's a very real scenario that could easily result from a rapid change in altitude or temperature causing a vacuum within the tool case.

Pelican Products, Inc. has created the 0450 Mobile Tool Chest to prevent just this kind of problem. This tool chest was originally designed to be the U.S. Army's General Mechanics Tool Kit (GMTK), which requires it to open as soon as it hits the ground after being dropped from an aircraft. Now this same tough chest is available to civilians. As with every case made by Pelican in the past ten years, this case includes a vent from W. L. Gore & Associates that makes it easier to open immediately after shipping.

Field service engineers who travel around the world need their tools to arrive in working order -- organized and easy to access. Regardless of how it's transported, the 0450 Mobile Tool Chest protects tools from vibration and physical damage by using either precise-fit foam trays or an elastic-strap system.

To protect tools from contaminants such as water, dirt, and sand, Pelican™ uses O-ring gaskets to ensure a tight seal when the drawer compartment and the lid are closed. While these gaskets provide excellent protection, they can potentially cause a vacuum inside the chest when it's exposed to changes in altitude or temperature. Eliminating that possibility ensures that the case can be opened immediately upon arrival, regardless of the ambient temperature or pressure.

To prevent vacuum while protecting the contents from environmental contaminants, Pelican also incorporates two vents into the 0450 Mobile Tool Chest -- one in the top lid and one in the drawer compartment. These GORE® Protective Vents allow air to flow in and out of the chest freely, quickly equalizing pressure. These breathable vents are made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), a porous membrane that also prevents liquid, dirt, salt, and other contaminants from entering the chest and damaging the tools.

According to Scott Nicholson, Director of Worldwide Quality at Pelican Products, Inc., "Our reputation is based on the reliability of our products, and we cannot afford to have a case fail to open or allow the equipment to be damaged from water. For over ten years, we have incorporated GORE® Protective Vents into every case design because of the consistent performance of their venting technology. We rely on their commitment to delivering a quality product time and time again."

Pelican Products' complete line of cases, made with GORE® Protective Vents, offers a reliable means of transporting high-end, sensitive equipment anywhere in the world without compromising performance.

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