December 10, 2007 15:32 ET Gathers International Acclaim Gains Equity Strategic Relations Endorsement

TORONTO--(Marketwire - December 10, 2007) -, abbreviated from "People Like Me," continues to draw accolades and members to the exclusive, online invitation-only community. is a unique online environment that congregates accomplished members from various artistic communities. It has experienced sustained/controlled growth since its conception and stands as a niche hub where established and reputable artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and designers are brought together to converse, collaborate and help one another in their respective endeavors.

As J.Harry Edmiston (President/Co-Founder) states, "It's all about building an exclusive community of global style-makers, helping one another across various creative industry platforms, while breaking new ground in technological innovation in the shadow of an ever evolving expert youth!"

Being "invitation-only," in order to become a member, you must know a member who wishes to invite you. Newly invited, Equity Strategic Relations CEO Christina Martin is known in the U.S. for her content development in mobile and new media, as well as her political fundraising for democratic presidential contender, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Equity SR's database of contacts across media, entertainment, politics and finance only further strengthens the already robust community, limited to an advantaged set that are both reputable and respected within the artistic communities to which they belong. caters to creative industries of influence including (but not exclusive to): Music, Film, Fashion, Advertising, Architecture, Art and Design. With a brand that stands for excellence and innovation within these fields, PeLiMe is currently poised to enter into agreements with significant global players and become a target of investors wanting to participate in the company's vision and imminent growth.

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