October 08, 2008 16:31 ET to Homeowners: "$300 Tax Credit in 'Bailout Bill' Can Bring Skyrocketing Heating Costs Back to Earth"

GOFFSTOWN, NH--(Marketwire - October 8, 2008) - "The old saying about a silver lining in every cloud is true for homeowners trying to reduce heating costs as the winter gets closer," said Jon Strimling, President of, based near Manchester, NH (

"In the just passed financial bailout bill, a 10% tax credit is available to anyone who purchases a 75% efficient wood or pellet (biomass) stove in 2009 for up to $300," Mr. Strimling continued. "Part of the compromise on the financial bailout included incentives for renewable energy, and biomass heating systems are now recognized and supported through this important legislation.

"Quoting from a new study released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 'consumers will pay a projected $1,137 to heat their homes from Oct. 1 to March 31. That figure represents a 15% increase over last year's estimated heating expenditures of $986.' In the Northeast, heating bills are expected to top an average of $2,388, a rise of over $449 this year," he said.

Wood Pellet Pricing Compares to Oil at $2.80 a Gallon

Mr. Strimling added, "Wood pellets are a great way for consumers to save money, while also helping to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Depending on where you are in the country, pellets currently cost in the range of $250-330/ton, delivered to a residence, which is equivalent to buying heating oil at $2.10-2.80/gallon. By taking advantage of the $300 tax credit, pellet users can reduce their initial costs, while dramatically reducing their heating costs for years to come. This is indeed an incentive for homeowners to think seriously -- right now -- about changing to biomass fuels. Staying with oil or gas is simply sending money up the chimney," he said.

Pricing and availability is available online at

"The secret to's success in holding prices stable has been our sophisticated logistics systems," continued Mr. Strimling. "The company has patent pending technology optimizing shipping routes to individual consumers' homes based on an extensive set of geographic locations and data from its network of over 50 carriers nationwide. The company ships a variety of brands of wood pellets, including Quality Certified products such as its CleanFire brand," concluded Mr. Strimling.

About has rapidly become the nation's leading provider of wood pellet fuels directly to residences. Many consumers require about three tons of wood pellets to heat their homes for a season. offers consumers the ease of online ordering combined with convenient home delivery of these fuels. The company provides retail delivery throughout the East Coast and in selected areas of the Midwest and West. also provides consumers the opportunity to buy truckloads of product anywhere in the country through its extensive network of over 30 manufacturing sources. Contact:

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