November 13, 2007 08:58 ET Provides Immediate Relief From Shock of Skyrocketing Oil Prices

MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - "It is simply tragic that one third of our nation's energy usage is for heat, and yet there is virtually no public awareness of renewable alternatives," said Jon Strimling, President and CEO of, (, nationwide provider of biomass heating fuels, including wood pellets.

Commenting on the impending crisis about to engulf users of home heating oil, Mr. Strimling said, "There already is an environmentally friendly, proven alternative which can save consumers as much as $1,000 per year, and which is being used by almost a million homeowners today. Wood pellets are an ideal low-cost solution for homeowners about to face a New England winter -- especially with oil approaching $100 a barrel.

"Many consumers want to be green and cut their carbon emissions, but can not afford to go out and buy a hybrid car," he continued. "By converting to pellet heat, our customers have three times the impact while cutting their heating bills by 30-50%!"

" is a unique resource for the homeowner presently not enjoying the benefits of heating with pellets. We can recommend a broad range of stove retailers, installers and fuel delivery options, offering significant savings over oil heat," Mr. Strimling said.

"Wood pellets displace fossil fuels with a carbon-neutral alternative," he continued. "Unlike cordwood, which requires frequent stoking and may not result in complete combustion, modern pellet stoves are fully automated and EPA certified for having extremely low emissions of particulate matter, in addition to being carbon neutral," he explained.

New real-time logistics technology tackles the tough problems of getting pellets to users quickly and easily

Mr. Strimling stated that "Our implementation of industry-leading logistics technology is of critical importance. Fuel delivery costs represent 30-50% of the consumer's cost. Conceptually, we are a search engine for biomass fuels. We are solving a complex multi-variable mathematical problem, incorporating consumer preferences, manufacturer supply curves and transportation costs by various modes. We give each consumer an optimized set of options derived from our nationwide network including over 15 manufacturing locations and approximately 50 carriers.

"Specifically, higher demand densities are now allowing the system to select lower cost distribution routes, resulting in significant procurement savings -- which we happily pass on to our customers," he stated.

"We are proud to be part of displacing imported oil with domestically produced energy sources, providing local jobs and boosting our nation's economy," concluded Mr. Strimling.

About provides convenient access to pellet fuels using sophisticated logistics technology and a nationwide network of fuel manufacturers, appliance retailers and distribution partners. is privately held and headquartered at 97 Eddy Road, Manchester, NH 03103. Telephone 603-623-1150; or visit

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