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October 16, 2013 09:31 ET

Pending Pancreatic Cancer Industry News to Spur Nuvilex

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwired - Oct 16, 2013) - In a newly released article, Goldman Small Cap Research, a stock market research firm focused on the small cap and micro cap sectors, notes that fourth quarter catalysts ahead in the pancreatic cancer arena should drive this group of small cap biotech stocks meaningfully higher, including Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX).

For starters, Celgene will be releasing its 3Q13 results next week. Last month, the company was awarded FDA approval for its pancreatic cancer treatment despite demonstrating only an incremental increase in median survival time and one-year survival rate compared to the single-agent standard of care, gemcitabine, when its drug Abraxane was used in conjunction with gemcitabine. Investors can expect to get a glimpse of how Celgene is deploying the new product which should provide Nuvilex investors with intel as to what to expect if the Nuvilex treatment ultimately reaches this milestone.

Separately, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. whose leading drug candidate, MM-398, utilizes a novel approach to treating pancreatic cancer that could result in an FDA approval in 2014/2015, is also expected to release important news this quarter. The Company's approach utilizes an old-line chemotherapy drug called irinotecan which is encapsulated into a liposome sphere (think of a bubble or cell membrane). Navigating to the tumor site via blood flow, the sphere finds the tumor and treats it directly at the site. Since the chemo drug can be encapsulated in a liposome and should target the tumor site only, it is expected that the effects of the drug against the tumor will be optimized.

If Nuvilex investors believe that this approach seems similar to that of Nuvilex, they aren't too far off the mark. Nuvilex's delivery system utilizes a live-cell encapsulation product in which the encapsulated cells have high activity of an enzyme that activates the widely used cancer prodrug ifosfamide. Once the encapsulated cells are placed near the pancreas and thus the tumor itself, the ifosfamide is administered intravenously; this then becomes activated to its cancer-killing form at the tumor site, optimizing its attack on the tumor cells. 

Merrimack's flagship is currently in Phase 3 clinical trial. The company announced in August that it has completed enrollment for the trial and will announce its top-line results sometime in the fourth quarter of 2013. Regardless of the outcome of Merrimack's Phase 3 trial, the news is likely a win-win for Nuvilex. If results are strong, Merrimack's approach could be a boon to Nuvilex. If they are not solid, it eliminates another potential competitor for the Company, considering Nuvilex has already demonstrated better results in its Phase 2 trials than any of the 3 currently FDA-approved chemotherapies for advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer -- all of this with little, if any, treatment-related collateral damage. Clearly, the key driver for the stock is news itself, which will place additional, favorable attention on Nuvilex's prospects.

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