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April 21, 2008 13:32 ET

Penfolds Roofing: Aggressive Action to Remove Landfill-Banned Used Tires From Community

Lower Mainland used tire collection blitz to run April 21-22

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) -


Over 550 used tires will be collected and removed from Metro Vancouver regional homes and yards during an April 21-22, door-to-door blitz. Spearheaded by Vancouver's Penfolds Roofing, The Big Eco Tire Toss! campaign offers free, door-to-door used-tire pick-up in an effort to get used tires out of residential backyards, garages and basements.

Many Lower Mainland residents were stuck with used tires in January 2008 and after the Metro Vancouver regional district enacted a landfill ban on used passenger and truck vehicle tires. However, until the Tire Stewardship BC fully implements its Return to Retailer program that aims to have 400 B.C. retailers equipped to receive all used tires and hold them for collection by a recycler, the only other option for residents is to discard the tires illegally, or to haul their used tires to a City of Vancouver transfer station during operating hours.

"We fully support the landfill ban, but we also recognized the problem now faced by residents," says Penfolds Roofing president Ken Mayhew. "We decided to offer a solution and in the process educate people on the importance of tire recycling and the variety of items that can be built from the used rubber."

Items manufactured from used tire rubber include the base for artificial turf fields, fatigue mats for the dairy industry and innovative new products like Penfold's EcoRoof® Rubber Shakes. For every roof replaced with EcoRoof® Rubber Shakes, 450 old tires are removed from the landfill. Annually, that's about 20,000 tires diverted into a high-quality, lasting product.

"The Big Eco Tire Toss program has generated such a great response - and has been such an overwhelming success - we were forced to close off requests for used tire pick up a couple days early," says Mayhew. "We are now ready to begin our used tire collection blitz on April 21."

Penfold's Big Eco Tire Toss trailer will be travelling to residences between Lions Bay, White Rock and the Fraser Valley collecting used tires and delivering them to recycling centres for rendering and chipping. "Ultimately, some of this previous waste material we are collecting will be used in our EcoRoof® Rubber Shake product, says Mayhew. "Better recycled and reused than burnt and buried."

Mayhew says the Big Eco Tire Toss has been so popular and well received; he plans to make it an annual April event.

"We at Penfolds Roofing are pleased to do our part for the community - and for Mother Earth."

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