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January 20, 2011 15:42 ET

Penile Implant Expert of Dr. J. Francois Eid Discusses Why Erectile Dysfunction Should Not Be a Barrier to Happiness

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 20, 2011) -  Not all men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are able to take medication to treat their erection problems, says Dr. J. Francois Eid, a renowned urologist who specializes in penile implants and erectile dysfunction treatment (ED). "In some cases, penile prosthesis surgery or penile implant surgery are the most effective treatment, especially for those patients with medical conditions that cause erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pelvic or prostate cancer surgery," said Eid.

Erectile dysfunction understandably causes depression in patients. Not surprisingly, a new Harvard study published in Science shows that happy people are those people that are able to focus on and enjoy sexual relations. The study, which tracked the results of daydreaming and "mind wandering," gathered a quarter-million responses from over 2,200 people via an iPhone app called "trackyourhappiness."

Researchers randomly contacted study subjects at various times of the day to ascertain what they were doing, what they were thinking and how they were feeling. Not surprisingly, the happiest people were those who were having sex during the call, because they were able to focus on the activity without distraction. Sex received an average grade of 90 out of 100 -- 15 points higher than exercising, talking, music, walking, eating, praying or meditating, cooking, shopping, caring for children and reading.

"The most important observation of this study found that concentration was key, only 10 percent of those who were engaged in sexual activity found that their minds were wandering in the process," said Dr. Eid. "Whatever activity the subjects were involved in, they were happier if they were able to focus on the activity instead of thinking about something else." The instance and cause of mind wandering seemed to indicate the subject's happiness level. Other activities caused the subjects to daydream anywhere from 30 - 65 percent of the time. "The study seemed to show that mind-wandering caused unhappiness, unhappiness was not caused by mind-wandering," said Dr. Eid.

For erectile dysfunction sufferers, it's difficult to concentrate on enjoying sex when it's not successful each time. Furthermore men who suffer from ED tend to think and wander about it all the time. It is this mind-wandering that causes a great deal of distress and impacts happiness well beyond the bedroom. In addition, for those patients who do not respond to erectile dysfunction treatment medication, their dissatisfaction is only intensified by the problem. "A penile implant or penile prosthesis could be the answer for these patients," said Dr. Eid. "It fixes the problem and for most stops the ED mind-wandering." This explains the profound gratitude and appreciation expressed by patients whose minds are no longer shackled by the thought of ED. "I feel like a new man" or "You have given me my life back" or "I feel so free and light on my feet" are typical statements from Dr. Eid's patients. "Note that it is not only about sex," says Dr. Eid. 

Dissatisfaction with a penile implant usually happens as a result of infection, which is practically eliminated with Dr. Eid's own "No Touch" Technique, which boasts an infection rate of less than one percent. Eid, a specialist in urological prosthetic reconstruction, has performed over 4,000 implant surgeries over the last 20 years. His practice, Advanced Urological Care, is dedicated to erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence treatment. "Men prefer less invasive alternatives than penile implants," said Dr. Eid. "Thanks to scientific innovations, a penile prosthesis is the 'gold standard' for patients with untreatable permanent erectile dysfunction."

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