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April 05, 2011 12:57 ET

Penile Prosthesis Specialist, Dr. J. Francois Eid Offers Unique Liaison Service to Erectile Dysfunction Sufferers Seeking Answers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 5, 2011) - Thousands of men are newly diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) every year, disabling their sex life and their confidence along with it. While many treatments for the condition exist, such as medications and herbal supplements, they are either ineffective or have potential side effects that are unmanageable for many men. Additionally even when they work, these solutions only offer a temporary fix as the ED usually progresses to an advanced stage, unresponsive to medical treatment. For a man suffering from ED, the search for an effective, long-term remedy can be confusing and discouraging. World-renowned penile implant surgery expert Dr. J. Francois Eid is looking to change all of that with a unique ED liaison service he now offers on his website, 

This service, the very first of its kind, puts men with questions about erectile dysfunction treatment in touch, by phone, with one of Dr. Eid's former patients who suffered with ED for 15 years. The former patient, referred to on the site only as "Mark," was diagnosed with ED in his late 30's. Like many others, Mark found penile injections and medications such as Viagra to be either ineffective or fraught with intolerable side effects. Having exhausted every option, Mark underwent a penile implant procedure.

"The decision to have a penile implant installed is a profoundly personal one," said Dr. Eid, who implants over 300 internal penile pumps per year. "An unfair stigma exists about penile implants, which keeps many men from exploring it as an option due to the false perception that it is embarrassing, or uncomfortable. Because of the sensitive nature of ED, men feel as if they have no one they can talk to candidly about their fears and search for treatments. As a result, many men do nothing and simply accept their condition. By providing a safe, open forum in which to ask questions we can raise men's awareness of the benefits of penile implants," said Dr. Eid. 

The service, which is detailed on Dr. Eid's website homepage,, is completely free and boasts flexible hours of availability so that men who work during the day and wish to call at a more discrete hour may do so. "Those who utilize the service are not obligated to set up a consultation with me and the contents of the call are kept strictly confidential," said Dr. Eid. Callers get to speak to Mark directly about his experience with ED, his protracted, frustrating search for a cure and how his life has changed for the better since receiving his implant by Dr. Eid. The service is also open to the partners of ED sufferers, should they have questions as well.

Concluded Dr. Eid, "It's my hope that this liaison service helps men and their sexual partners to gain a better, more personal perspective on how a penile implant can revive their sex life and end their suffering."

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