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February 22, 2011 08:00 ET

Peninsula Regional Medical Center Benefits From AeroScout's Asset Tracking and Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Medical Center Monitors the Location and Status of Critical Equipment and Refrigeration Units to Reduce Costs, Increase Staff Satisfaction and Improve Patient Care

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - February 22, 2011) -  HIMSS 2011 Conference -- AeroScout, the leading provider of Healthcare Visibility Solutions, today announced that Peninsula Regional Medical Center is realizing significant benefits from AeroScout's Asset Tracking and Temperature Monitoring solutions. Using AeroScout's Real-Time Location System (RTLS), the medical center is tracking and managing thousands of pieces of critical equipment and monitoring refrigeration units with pharmaceuticals and other important, temperature-sensitive items to ensure that they remain at safe temperature levels. As a result, patient care is improved, staff is able to spend more time treating patients, and expenses are reduced -- in fact, Peninsula Regional Medical Center estimates that they initially saved $250,000 on infusion pumps alone.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) is a 362-bed facility located in Salisbury, Maryland that has been meeting the needs of Delmarva Peninsula residents since 1897. The medical center is the sixth largest Maryland hospital by bed count and has a full range of cardiac, cancer, women's and children's, surgical, emergency/trauma and orthopedic services. Over 330 physicians and 3,000 healthcare professionals and volunteers provide the care and compassion that 500,000 patients rely on each year. Peninsula Regional Medical Center has received nearly 40 national awards, certifications and recognitions over the past five years for the safety and care it provides.

"We are receiving significant clinical and financial benefits from our AeroScout solutions. As examples, our staff can spend more time on patient care thanks to the efficiency provided, and we've saved an estimated $250,000 by avoiding the purchase of many infusion pumps," said Mark Cornelius, Biomedical Department Director at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. "The AeroScout solutions are so important and easy to use that we made sure that everyone at PRMC, including our CEO, has access to the applications."

Peninsula Regional Medical Center is using AeroScout's solutions and leveraging its Wi-Fi network throughout its campus for a variety of use cases and applications such as Preventive Maintenance, Recall Management, Par Level Management, Shrinkage Control, Asset Utilization and Temperature Monitoring.

One of the largest challenges the medical center has addressed through AeroScout's Asset Management solution is improving the Biomedical Department's ability to provide preventive maintenance and conduct equipment recalls. PRMC now knows the location and status (e.g., maintenance needed or maintenance completed) for key equipment and can find items quickly in the event of a recall. In addition, staff can determine the history and trail of where equipment has been. According to Cornelius, the history is very valuable to determine precisely what happened to equipment and to provide any needed education to those involved with the item in question.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center has also set up, for the first time, par levels for infusion pumps by using AeroScout's Par Level Management. In 18 rooms around its campus, PRMC is monitoring the levels of pumps and knows if there are too many or too few at any given time. This helps ensure equipment availability for patients, distribution efficiency and improved asset utilization.

To prevent valuable medical equipment from being thrown away or lost, PRMC also implemented a Shrinkage Control solution. If tagged equipment accidentally leaves the medical center along with the laundry or garbage, an alarm sounds and alerts are sent. This has prevented the loss of many pieces of critical equipment including telemetry monitors and hover mats. Prior to the AeroScout implementation, 10-12 telemetry monitors alone were lost every year at a cost of $3,000 each.

"Thanks to AeroScout's solutions, for the first time ever, this year I budgeted zero dollars in my cost centers for replacement telemetry monitors," said Sharon Malone, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Director of Nursing Resources at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. "We have also been able to save precious nursing time by helping them find equipment faster and automating tasks such as manually recording refrigerator temperatures. This allows the entire staff to dedicate more time to patient care -- which is good for both our patient and staff satisfaction."

PRMC is also using AeroScout's Temperature Monitoring solution to automate the monitoring of refrigerators, which contain medications, vaccines, blood and other critical items. Wi-Fi Temperature Tags measure refrigerator temperatures on a defined interval and transmit the data wirelessly to AeroScout's MobileView software. If a temperature reading deviates from the range specified as safe, alerts are sent to appropriate staff members. This saves clinicians the time needed to manually monitor temperatures and improves patient safety.

"Working in nursing informatics for more than 30 years, I have seen the positive results that optimizing hospital processes can have on both staff and patients," said Charlotte Miller, BSN, MBA, Director of Healthcare Solutions at AeroScout. "AeroScout is pleased to be a part of PRMC's achievements in patient care, efficiency and staff satisfaction."

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