March 08, 2010 08:00 ET

Penny Black Selects myDIALS to Improve Visibility Into Portfolio Companies' Performance

myDIALS SaaS Solution Offers Fast, Easy Implementation for Performance Management Initiatives

LAFAYETTE, CO--(Marketwire - March 8, 2010) -   myDIALS, the leader in SaaS performance management, today announced that Penny Black, a private investment firm, has implemented the myDIALS performance management platform to provide on-demand analysis of portfolio companies. The myDIALS software as a service (SaaS) dashboards are fast and easy to deploy, and accessible to all users, making them a cost-effective, high-value solution for improved management.

myDIALS provided Penny Black with heightened analytical capabilities, delivering a powerful, enterprise solution that is easy to deploy and use. A true SaaS performance management platform, myDIALS connects to multiple data sources, such as NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, QuickBooks and spreadsheets, and also allows for emailed data files and manual data entry, in order to provide a comprehensive, interactive snapshot of portfolio performance.

"The delivery of customer-facing data as part of business intelligence and performance management initiatives is an important focus we're seeing in the industry right now," said Wayne Morris, CEO of myDIALS. "Penny Black exemplifies this trend by using myDIALS dashboards to provide greater visibility into the performance of investments. Only a true SaaS-based operational BI solution like myDIALS enables secure, multi-enterprise collaboration and efficient customer-facing reporting to provide transparency and continuous performance improvement."

A turn-key solution that can be deployed by myDIALS, or by customers and partners through the developer subscription, myDIALS' SaaS model eliminates up-front capital expenditures and ensures low-cost, low-risk, rapid deployment and customization.

"myDIALS has created a great value-add to both Penny Black and several of our portfolio companies," said Justin Wohlstadter of Penny Black.

myDIALS automates data connectivity and extraction with more than 35 standard connectors to on-premise or SaaS operational and financial data sources, including ERP, CRM, SCM, MES, databases and spreadsheets. myDIALS' unique technology supports multi-dimensional drilling and filtering of live, continuously updated data, and provides sophisticated analytics and what-if scenario analysis to help businesses improve performance by identifying and characterizing problems and enabling users to make decisions and fix issues quickly.

About Penny Black
Based in New York, N.Y., Penny Black is a private investment firm focusing on financing innovative, early stage companies. The Penny Black was the world's first prepaid adhesive stamp that standardized the British postal system in 1840, and introduced the concept of dependable delivery schedules, making written letters an affordable method of global communication. Named after the "game changing" idea that improved the sharing of ideas, the firm seeks to embody the same philosophy in its investments.

About myDIALS
myDIALS is the leading SaaS performance management platform for the visualization and analysis of right-time performance metrics. The only SaaS operational BI solution that incorporates advanced, easy to use analytics, myDIALS enables all users to view, filter and interact with data to make more informed decisions, more quickly. myDIALS connects to any data source for immediate data update and availability, and delivers unparalleled interactivity, knowledge sharing and predictive analytics to support cost-effective continuous improvement. Thousands of users across multiple industries -- including manufacturing, financial services and government -- rely on myDIALS to improve operational performance and business results through better decision making. myDIALS is based in Louisville, Colo. Visit for more information.

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