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June 10, 2008 09:15 ET Eliminates Frustrating Job Searches for New England Professionals and Recruiters

Career Advancement Site Effectively Matches Skilled Professionals With Relevant Career Opportunities and Hiring Companies With Ideal Candidates

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - PeopleAhead™, a growing online destination for New England-based professionals and hiring companies, today announced the official launch of to provide an efficient way for experienced professionals and companies with hard-to-fill career opportunities to connect without ineffective, time consuming resume and job searches.

News Facts:

- According to Borrell Associates, general job boards often frustrate recruiters and candidates due to the number of unqualified resumes and job listings that they generate.

- Unlike traditional job boards, PeopleAhead's intelligent TrueMatch® technology empowers hiring companies to reach aligned professionals with relevant career opportunities and delivers multidimensional career profiles from qualified, interested candidates.

- PeopleAhead provides a continuous career advancement experience. Skilled professionals can establish effective career plans, engage their network of trusted professionals and anonymously receive aligned TrueMatch career opportunities that are custom-fit to their career goals.

- Professionals can now import their existing LinkedIn® profiles into PeopleAhead to quickly test drive the TrueMatch technology and begin advancing their careers.


- Carlos Larracilla, co-founder, PeopleAhead: "Millions of jobs are posted online, but professionals and hiring companies continue to rely solely on static resumes and job descriptions to evaluate each other. Members of our community use PeopleAhead for continuous career advancement rather than one-time job search. In doing so, they establish multidimensional career profiles which contain rich information, such as 360° competency evaluations. Because our TrueMatch technology identifies alignment between member profiles and hiring companies' available career opportunities, we streamline the arduous task of recruitment by delivering only pre-qualified, interested candidates."

- Tom Chevalier, co-founder, PeopleAhead: "The current online recruitment model is broken, and PeopleAhead is on a mission to rebuild the relationship between hiring employers and experienced professionals. Thanks to its superior higher education institutions, the New England area produces some of the most talented, productive professionals in the nation. It's an honor for PeopleAhead to help these individuals build a long-term approach to career advancement and connect them with local companies that treat talent as a key asset."

- Brett Ackerman, 2008 MBA graduate and PeopleAhead member: "I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the opportunities presented to me by PeopleAhead. Not only are the opportunities very well aligned with my interests, but they are also great matches with my skill set. I know that when I get notified of an opportunity by PeopleAhead, it's something I should seriously consider."

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About PeopleAhead

PeopleAhead™ is a growing online destination that uses intelligent TrueMatch® technology to present relevant career opportunities to experienced professionals and provide qualified candidates to recruiters. New England area recruiters for marketing, technology and professional services companies are embracing the power of TrueMatch to find high-quality candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Likewise, for experienced professionals, PeopleAhead works 24x7 to deliver relevant opportunities and network-building activities for continuous career advancement.

PeopleAhead was founded in 2006 by Babson College MBAs and is funded by private investors. New England companies including Toffler Associates, TripAdvisor and McKinsey & Co. NAKC are already being matched with ideal candidates via individual TrueMatch campaigns or customized recruitment packages. PeopleAhead membership is free for experienced professionals. Learn more at

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