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December 02, 2010 12:00 ET

PeopleBrowsr Launches With Viral Analytics for Online Marketers, Brand Managers and Social Media Experts

Powerful Social Search Platform Provides Unprecedented Real-Time Insights Into the Communities, Conversations and Influencers on Twitter

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - December 2, 2010) -  PeopleBrowsr, the Social Search engine and analytics company, after 20 man years of coding, released a game-changing research product for online marketers, brand managers and social media experts -- with Viral Analytics. This powerful, social search platform offers a real-time window into the instant communities of the social web, revealing a wealth of demographic data, sentiment analysis, real-time and historical mentions, and viral analytics for any keyword.

Before today, it has been difficult for brand marketers to visualize and engage with the communities that matter, as niche interest graphs are fluid and span across multiple networks. solves this problem by bringing together key data on the Interest Graph for any topic with highly-targeted, instant searches that ripple through the natural flow of these social communities.

"Social Graphs are transforming into Interest Graphs, where people are connected more by a shared interest than by who they know," explains Brian Solis, Chief Data Analyst for PeopleBrowsr. "For brand managers, the challenge is clear; in order to effectively engage, they have to first understand what people are saying about their brand, competitors and any associated areas of interest. In short, they must understand what truly matters to the community in order to identify the community... and that's where comes in."

Instant demographic analytics
People begin by entering their keywords of interest -- whether it's their company name, product name, competitor name or any topic. first identifies people who are talking about a particular interest, and then instantly drills down to uncover rich data about that Interest Graph, including location, sentiment, gender as well as related word clouds, hashtags, links, @names and more. Overall, fires off 40 simultaneous searches for any topic and delivers the results almost instantly.

This data gives brand managers the ability to target specific demographic segments (i.e. women in the San Francisco area) with unprecedented granularity and ease. " is about mining that one-percent of gold in a universe of social media information," says Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak, author and marketing expert. "With, that gold is the priceless and relevant information marketers need."

Degrees of Separation
"Similar to how LinkedIn shows how you can connect to someone through three degrees of separation, brings this same concept to Twitter and shows you how you are connected to any particular person or organisation by up to four degrees of separation," says Neal Schaffer, President, Windmills Marketing. "This information will make it much easier for people using to truly start connecting and engaging with influencers and targeted people on Twitter by utilizing their current network of Followers to facilitate introductions in a way that used to be nearly impossible."

Real-time trending and sentiment charts provides up to the second charts depicting mentions count and sentiment for any keyword. People can even click on a chart point for any keyword to see every related tweet back in time up to 30 days.

Viral Analytics Integration
" integrates with the PeopleBrowsr Viral Analytics Platform and the PeopleBrowsr Engagement Command Center. Any keywords in can be turned into a comprehensive industry leading Analytics platform on the fly at no additional charge," says Priscilla Scala, VP Marketing at PeopleBrowsr.

"Our proprietary database gives people access to three years of historical data for any term or keyword. There's no other solution available that offers such a comprehensive look with such granularity," said Brett Hovarth, PeopleBrowsr's Product Manager. "For the brand marketer the possibilities for analysis, understanding, and engagement are unique." offers other powerful functions for exploring the real-time Interest Graph. With any tweet in the results stream, people can click 'Get Similar' to instantly uncover other tweets containing same or similar words. People can also click on any word in the stream to begin a brand new search.

With communities growing around ideas or interests, rather than through social connections, engagement is emphasized on finding and generating contextualized content. As PeopleBrowsr's Brian Solis explains, "Brands understand they need to engage customers often while cultivating communities, and they are constantly looking for ways to efficiently participate in relevant conversations. is designed to help establish trusted, real-time connections, within the context of fluid conversations." 

While the social web further intertwines with the semantic web, the collective stream of consciousness voiced on Twitter is rapidly becoming a collected conversational cloud.'s game-changing release advances how marketers and researchers approach live conversational data flows. As CEO Jodee Rich says, "Our database allows us to render historical analytics in real time for any new keyword search, and invites marketers to enhance their approaches in viral search and analytics." is powered by PeopleBrowsr's proprietary server technology that's fed by the Twitter Firehose and contains more than three years of historical data. is available for $99/month per user and added features can be enabled for $499/month. In addition, a white label version of the platform is available.

Marketers, Brand Managers, and Social Researchers are invited to try today by visiting

Examples of How can find the gold:

1. I want to connect with Mommy Bloggers in SF or interested in human rights --

2. I want to find all the good things being said about Coke and all the bad things about Pepsi --

3. I would love to see all the most popular RT and their viral hierarchy --

4. Build a Command Center for my product or brand

About PeopleBrowsr
PeopleBrowsr is a global tech start-up founded in 2007 as an intelligent data service provider to enterprise. Offices are located in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney, Manila and London. PeopleBrowsr has full access to the Twitter Firehose, so not one conversation is overlooked.

There are two core divisions:

The Campaign Services division works with social media marketing and traditional advertising agencies to deliver social marketing campaigns to their clients. PeopleBrowsr works directly with some of the world's largest brands including Kodak, BlackBerry, Comcast, Universal Music Group, Sony, SAP and Samsung to name a few.

Using technologies developed in-house by the Platform Development division, PeopleBrowsr creates, executes and analyses campaigns across the entire range of social media environments to ensure clients receive the greatest ROI.

The Platform Development division has conceptualised, designed and developed the entire suite of solutions currently provided by PeopleBrowsr including Viral Analytics, Social Vectors, Sentiment Analysis and, the world's most advanced search platform for Twitter allowing people to explore their social Interest Graph by seeing the 1% of relevant tweets, find people with related interest and engage with them directly.

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