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January 04, 2011 13:04 ET

PeopleLution Accelerates Organizational Change by Adapting Jack London's Classic Short Story "To Build A Fire"

MANSFIELD, OH--(Marketwire - January 4, 2011) - Successful organizations constantly change. Organizational leaders and managers need approval from their people for their organizational changes to stick. But people dislike change and prefer their status quo. PeopleLution, organizational change specialists, has visually adapted Jack London's short story "To Build A Fire" into an influential 9 minute video to help leaders and managers cognitively restructure their people to accept any upcoming organizational change.

"Organizational change is heavy-duty stuff, especially in a tough economy," says Willie Davis, "Choices" Producer"We adapted Jack London's 1908 classic story of a man and a dog in the Yukon into a nine minute entertaining DVD and named it 'Choices.'"

"Choices" helps organizational leaders and managers trigger meaningful discussions about organizational change. It's designed for leaders and managers in any business, in any industry, schools, social service agencies, law enforcement agencies, community groups, churches, board meetings, seminars, conferences, and even political gatherings.

"Pushing back against organizational change is human nature," says Dr. Samantha Kurtz, author of the 16 page Discussion Guide that accompanies the "Choices" DVD. The guide, based on proven psychological principles, navigates leaders and managers through a step-by-step facilitated discussion to overcome resistance and inspire their people to think proactively about organizational change. "Showing 'Choices' lays the ground work for cognitive restructuring for any initiative -- from a major organizational overhaul to the need for increased productivity," says Dr. Kurtz.

"Choices" also entertains. "Audiences can't take their eyes off the screen," says Davis. "The lone voice and visuals are mesmerizing. London's story has been used to teach a lot of different lessons, but not organizational change. This is unique."

To order the "Choices" DVD, or for more information, go to the "Choices" website, You may also contact Willie Davis at (866) 448-3028. He will send you a complimentary copy of "Choices" and the Discussion Guide if you are interested in reviewing "Choices" in your publication. Plus, he's a great interview. 

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