Peptide Technologies, Inc.

February 28, 2013 14:15 ET

Peptide Technologies, Inc. Receives Non-Hazardous/Non-Dangerous Certification for its Anti Fouling Paint Formulations from Chem Alert

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - Feb. 28, 2013) - Peptide Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:PEPT), an organic coatings company specializing in underwater applications is pleased to report that it has received a non-hazardous and non-dangerous "GOOD" certification for its Aquaculture Natural and Aqua Natural anti-fouling paint products from Chem Alert, a division of Risk Management Technologies of Australia. This certification clearly positions Peptides' Aquaculture Natural and Aqua Natural anti-fouling paints at the head of the class in underwater anti-fouling solutions around the globe. Fouling materials are primarily classified as mussels, barnacles and soft biofilm. The Chem Alert system has tested and recorded a total of 35 anti-fouling paints with Peptide Technologies 2 formulations being the only ones to earn the "GOOD" certification. To view a copy of the certification, please visit

About Risk Management Technologies and Chem Alert

Risk Management Technologies (RMT) was established in 1987 to forge new online models of managing risk and performance in today's organizations. Founder Dean Apostolou, a research chemist, who had extensive public health and management experience in Australia and the United States, recognized a discrepancy in the way risk was being managed by industry - and set out to do something about it. He noted that while there were ad hoc systems to manage health and safety risk, the value of the data was lost in isolated, dysfunctional silos. RMT sought to develop products that bridged the gap between the old culture of gathering information in silos and new thinking that required one integrated system to drive processes transparently up and down the organization. Harnessing the power of web-based technology, new processes could unite management issues with employees' concerns for safety and quality of life to benefit all stakeholders. The RMT team talked to some of the world's leading organizations to create practical, real-life solutions. After developing a state of the art integrated chemical safety management system called Chem Alert they have broadened their vision to cover all categories of business risk and performance with a highly evolved enterprise-wide solution called First Priority Enterprise. Chem Alert is a comprehensive software application backed by a team of Australian scientists that assists in evaluating new chemicals before use, tracking and reporting on chemical storage, perform detailed risk assessments to keep employees safe. They currently work with more than 600 businesses across 2500 global sites and continue in their quest to design new business systems and cultures that deliver real value and results. More information is available at and

About Peptide Technologies, Inc.

Peptide Technologies, Inc. has developed the first all-natural, sustainable solution to the economic burden of bio-fouling. Our solutions are safe "green" peptide-based anti-fouling products used to combat the rapidly growing problems caused by the quagga/zebra mussel infestation and ongoing barnacle attachment issues in almost all bodies of water around the world. Peptide Technologies' patent protected approach not only significantly minimizes the attachment of hard fouling agents (mussels, barnacles etc.) but is also highly effective in preventing the build-up of any biofilm layer as well. Our peptide-based solutions are effective in both fresh water and marine waters, and are environmentally friendly to water users and all aquatic life. Additionally, our anti-fouling paints will adhere to both stationary (concrete, cement, steel, PVC etc.) and flexible substrates (netting, etc.), creating a surface that prevents hard fouling and biofilm from attaching to it. Our patent protected anti-fouling paints (Aqua Natural and Aquaculture Natural) are based on proprietary organic formulations developed over the past 15 years. Our paint is unique globally and represents the ultimate in a green approach. Our "soft" coatings are available in a number of colors and can be tailored to coat flexible or fixed substrates. Our coatings are extremely effective in minimizing hard (barnacles and mussels etc) and soft (bio-film) fouling agents.

Some of the targeted applications for our products are:

  • Hydro-electric facilities and dams (i.e., water in-take pipes, valves);
  • Ship hulls (i.e., barnacle covered hulls can increase fuel usage by more than 40%);
  • Commercial fish nets;
  • Pearling and Aquaculture industry;
  • Drinking water treatment facilities;
  • Farm irrigation water;
  • Navigation locks;
  • Oil rigs (FPSO); and
  • Other cement and/or steel substrates.

Our patent protected anti-fouling paints (Aqua Natural and Aquaculture Natural) are based on proprietary organic formulations developed over the past 15 years. Our paint is unique globally and represents the ultimate in a green approach.

Some specific advantages of our anti-fouling paint are:

  • the paint is a "green" organic solution, safe to humans and marine life;
  • can be applied to both stationary and moving substrates;
  • effective in both fresh and marine waters;
  • can be applied as a paint or spray;
  • can be applied while underwater;
  • many color options to suit the end-users application; and,
  • our paint simply prevents attachment by hard fouling agents and biofilm and non-toxic.

Our anti-fouling paints have undergone intensive evaluations by independent parties around the globe. These include the Canada - Great Lakes, USA - Colorado River, Darwin, Australia and Trondheim, Norway. More information is available on our website at

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