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Perceptron, Inc.

August 20, 2014 16:08 ET

Perceptron Announces Full Year Fiscal 2014 Financial Results

Record Full Year Bookings

PLYMOUTH, MI--(Marketwired - Aug 20, 2014) -  Perceptron, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRCP) today announced results for the fourth quarter and full year of its fiscal year ended June 30, 2014.

Financial Highlights (in millions, except per share data)
    Fourth Quarter Ending June 30     Full Year Ending June 30  
    Fiscal 2014   Fiscal 2013   Change     Fiscal 2014   Fiscal 2013   Change  
Net Sales   $ 17.4   $ 20.7   $ (3.3 )   $ 59.6   $ 60.9   $ (1.3 )
Income from Continuing Operations     0.9     4.0     (3.1 )     2.4     6.1     (3.7 )
Diluted Earnings per Share   $ 0.10   $ 0.46   $ (0.36 )   $ 0.26   $ 0.71   $ (0.45 )

Jeff Armstrong, President and CEO, observed, "Our 2014 results showed strength in several key areas. In particular, we achieved record full year bookings of $68.5 million that included regional records in both Asia and Europe. Sales highlights included regaining a major North American automotive customer, growth with a major Japanese OEM and development of a new European customer that is a large player in the agricultural equipment industry. As a result of the record bookings, backlog was $39.3 million at June 30, an $8.9 million increase from the $30.4 million at the end of fiscal year 2013."

Armstrong noted, "Both the fourth quarter and full year of fiscal 2014 were profitable periods for Perceptron, illustrating the strength of the base on which we are building. During the 2014 fourth quarter, however, several customers delayed system installations, pushing some revenue into fiscal 2015 and constraining margins due to fixed costs. Profitability was also impeded by additional operating costs, primarily related to the management changes made over the course of the year, higher costs associated with additional Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements and investments we are making to implement our new strategic plan." 

Armstrong stressed, "Perceptron is a strong global company with great technology, competitive advantages, world class customers and a talented, committed workforce. In the end, 2014 was a transitional year for the company as we built our new management team, and put in place a strategic plan designed to expand revenues and increase shareholder value over the longer term. We expect solid contributions over the next several years from each of the four elements of the plan: continuing to expand profitability in our core markets, pursuing prudent diversification, extending our technological leadership, and maintaining fiscal discipline to ensure strong profitability.

"In the shorter term, given our record bookings, present backlog, and new strategy, we are very confident that fiscal 2015 will show revenue growth. We believe this higher revenue will drive improvement in profitability in 2015 over the levels we are reporting for 2014," Armstrong added. 

Highlights of Operations
BOOKINGS (in millions)
    Fourth quarter Ending June 30     Fiscal year Ending June 30
    Fiscal 2014   Fiscal 2013   Change     Fiscal 2014   Fiscal 2013   Change
Geographic Region                                      
Americas   $ 5.6   $ 5.6   $ 0.0     $ 20.4   $ 18.2   $ 2.2
Europe     11.2     12.0     (0.8 )     31.9     29.3     2.6
Asia     3.6     3.8     (0.2 )     16.2     13.6     2.6
  Total Bookings   $ 20.4   $ 21.4   $ (1.0 )   $ 68.5   $ 61.1   $ 7.4

Fourth quarter 2014 bookings were the second highest quarterly bookings in the Company's history. The amount was $1.0 million lower than the same period last year, which remains the record quarterly booking amount. For the full 2014 fiscal year, bookings totaled $68.5 million, up $7.4 million from the prior year, and set a Company record for bookings in a full fiscal year. The increase primarily was driven by increased orders for Automated Systems products and orders from an important customer who has not purchased new systems for several years. The level of bookings fluctuates from quarter-to-quarter and is not necessarily indicative of the future operating performance of the Company.

BACKLOG (in millions)
    As of June 30 in
    Fiscal 2014   Fiscal 2013   Change
Geographic Region                  
Americas   $ 10.3   $ 8.2   $ 2.1
Europe     17.3     13.1     4.2
Asia     11.7     9.1     2.6
  Total Backlog   $ 39.3   $ 30.4   $ 8.9

Backlog at the end of the quarter was significantly higher than a year ago; an increase of $8.9 million, or 29.3 percent. The increase primarily was due to higher Automated Systems orders in all geographic regions, with the most significant increase occurring in Europe. The level of backlog at any particular point in time is not necessarily indicative of the future operating performance of the Company.

SALES (in millions)                            
    Fourth quarter Ending June 30     Fiscal year Ending June 30  
    Fiscal 2014   Fiscal 2013   Change     Fiscal 2014   Fiscal 2013   Change  
Geographic Region                                        
Americas   $ 6.1   $ 6.4   $ (0.3 )   $ 18.3   $ 22.2   $ (3.9 )
Europe     7.8     8.8     (1.0 )     27.8     26.1     1.7  
Asia     3.5     5.5     (2.0 )     13.5     12.6     0.9  
  Total Sales   $ 17.4   $ 20.7   $ (3.3 )   $ 59.6   $ 60.9   $ (1.3 )

Sales in the fourth quarter were $17.4 million, or $3.3 million below the record fourth-quarter of fiscal 2013 with declines in all geographic regions. The net reduction in sales in the quarter included approximately $390,000 from positive effects of currency movements compared to the same quarter a year ago. Full year fiscal 2014 sales were $1.3 million below the prior year, despite the positive effect of currency movements of $1.1 million. The Company's sales levels fluctuate from quarter-to-quarter due to requested delivery schedules from our customers.


Gross margin was $7.4 million in the current quarter compared with $10.0 million in last year's fourth quarter, and the gross margin percentage was 42.7 percent, compared with 48.1 percent in the year ago fourth quarter. The gross margin percentage for fiscal year 2014 was 41.7 percent, compared with 46.2 percent reported for the prior fiscal year. The decline in both 2014 periods was a reflection of cost increases, higher relative sales from lower margin products, and shifting customer schedules.


Fourth quarter 2014 SG&A expenses were essentially flat compared to the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013. In the quarter, higher overall salary and related costs, expenses associated with recent executive-level hiring, currency effects, and additional costs associated with Sarbanes Oxley compliance efforts were fully offset by lower costs in other SG&A areas. For the full year, SG&A increased approximately $740,000, with $100,000 of the increase attributable to currency effects. The remaining increase of $640,000 was due to increased salary and related costs, expenses associated with recent executive-level hiring, and additional costs associated with Sarbanes Oxley compliance efforts.

The resulting earnings per diluted share for fiscal 2014 were $0.26; or $0.45 lower than the $0.71 per share from continuing operations reported in fiscal 2013. Of the $0.45 earnings per share reduction, $0.12 was attributable to an investment gain recorded in fiscal year 2013. The remaining $0.33 per share reduction was driven by lower gross margins and higher operating costs as described above.


The Company continues to maintain a strong and flexible financial position. We have no debt and total liquidity remained historically high at June 30, 2014, with cash and short-term investments of $33.9 million.

Quarterly Investor Call and Webcast

Perceptron, Inc., will hold its year-end investor conference call/webcast, chaired by Jeff Armstrong, President and CEO, on Thursday, August 21, 2014, at 10:00 AM (EDT). Investors can access the call at:

Conference Call 
888 438-5491 (domestic callers) or
719 785-1753 (international callers)

Conference ID 7333123

An audio replay will be available on the Company's website at for one year following the call.

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(In Thousands Except Per Share Amounts)  
Condensed Income Statements   Three Months Ended     Twelve Months Ended  
    June 30,     June 30,  
    2014     2013     2014     2013  
Net Sales   $ 17,393     $ 20,744     $ 59,612     $ 60,886  
Cost of Sales     9,969       10,765       34,763       32,766  
    Gross Profit     7,424       9,979       24,849       28,120  
Operating Expenses                                
Selling, General and Administrative Expense     4,229       4,241       15,216       14,473  
Engineering, Research and Development Expense     1,765       1,995       6,691       6,781  
    Operating Income     1,430       3,743       2,942       6,866  
Other Income and Expense                                
Interest Income, net     67       47       188       173  
Gain on Redemption of Investment     -       1,134       -       1,134  
Foreign Currency and Other Income/(Expense)     11       (240 )     (128 )     (642 )
Income from Continuing Operations Before Income Taxes     1,508       4,684       3,002       7,531  
Income Tax Expense     (567 )     (703 )     (575 )     (1,401 )
Income from Continuing Operations     941       3,981       2,427       6,130  
Discontinued Operations                                
  Commercial Products Business Unit (net of $12 and $41 of tax expense in fiscal 2013, respectively)     -       23       -       80  
Net Income   $ 941     $ 4,004     $ 2,427     $ 6,210  
Basic Earnings Per Common Share                                
    Continuing operations   $ 0.10     $ 0.46     $ 0.27     $ 0.72  
    Discontinued operations     -       -       -       0.01  
    Net Income   $ 0.10     $ 0.46     $ 0.27     $ 0.73  
Diluted Earnings Per Common Share                                
    Continuing operations   $ 0.10     $ 0.46     $ 0.26     $ 0.71  
    Discontinued operations     -       -       -       0.01  
    Net Income   $ 0.10     $ 0.46     $ 0.26     $ 0.72  
Weighted Average Common Shares Outstanding                                
    Basic     9,148       8,583       8,983       8,512  
    Diluted     9,327       8,682       9,210       8,588  
(In Thousands)
Condensed Balance Sheets   June 30,   June 30,
    2014   2013
Cash and Cash Equivalents   $ 23,070   $ 13,364
Short-term Investments     10,822     13,321
Receivables, net     19,461     21,760
Inventories, net     7,049     6,783
Other Current Assets     3,338     2,810
    Total Current Assets     63,740     58,038
Property and Equipment, net     5,540     5,578
Long-term Investments     725     725
Deferred Tax Asset     10,061     9,298
    Total Non-Current Assets     16,326     15,601
      Total Assets   $ 80,066   $ 73,639
Accounts Payable   $ 2,081   $ 2,561
Deferred Revenue     7,571     5,990
Other Current Liabilities     7,634     8,193
    Total Current Liabilities     17,286     16,744
Shareholders' Equity     62,780     56,895
    Total Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity   $ 80,066   $ 73,639

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