Perceptronix Medical Inc. Laboratories

Perceptronix Medical Inc. Laboratories

May 16, 2008 15:47 ET

Perceptronix Medical Inc.: Early Detection Brings Hope

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2008) - "Early detection of any cancer is always the best hope for successful treatment and a positive outcome, but early detection for lung cancer has never been more important than now," says Bojana Turic, MD, president and CEO of Perceptonix Medical Inc., Vancouver, "when on average 388 Canadians will die of lung cancer every week."

Current international studies show that even smokers who have kicked the habit are still at risk of developing lung cancer since researchers believe that the lung tissue damaged by smoking may never repair to normal status and, therefore, former smokers continue to be at risk throughout their lifetime. The risk decreases the longer one has stopped smoking.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, in 2008, an estimated 23,900 Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 20,200 will die of it. While lung cancer incidence and death rates began to level off in the mid-1980s among men, and have been declining ever since, the rates continue to increase for women and, in fact, have tripled since 1978.

"Since there have been very few new tools to detect lung cancer in the past 50 years, today's new technologies offer hope in early detection and risk assessment," suggested Dr. R. James Bond, head of thoracic surgery at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Fraser Health. "These new technologies offer an improvement over existing laboratory diagnostic procedures and are a complement to current radiological diagnostic methods. Such risk assessment testing can provide physicians with new tools for prolonging and improving the quality of a patient's life," he said.

One of these new assessment tools involves a sputum marker that is highly correlated with the presence of lung malignancy even in early stages when there are no obvious symptoms.

This new approach to determining the risk assessment of lung cancer brings new meaning to early detection and treatment choices especially for those who have been long-time smokers.

Perceptronix Medical Inc. is a Vancouver-based, privately-owned cancer diagnostic company and accredited laboratory founded in June 1999 as a spin off of the BC Cancer Agency. The Company's mission is to commercialize effective technologies to improve the early detection, localization, diagnosis and follow-up of cancer, with an initial focus on lung cancer.

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