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Perceptronix Medical Inc. Laboratories

January 29, 2008 16:07 ET

Perceptronix Medical Inc.: Kelowna Figures Prominently in Lung Cancer Research

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 29, 2008) - Perceptronix Medical Inc. (Perceptronix) was pleased to return to Kelowna, BC on January 24, 2008 to host a special meeting featuring the positive results of an international, multi-centre clinical study for lung cancer in which participants from Kelowna played a significant role.

The validation study for LungSign™, an innovative new product that assesses a patient's risk of lung cancer, used 9 international investigation sites and 1235 patients. Almost 10% of these patients were Kelowna residents. In fact, Kelowna contributed over 700 investigational subjects to the development of the test overall. Two of the trials' primary investigators were also from Kelowna, Islam Mohamed, MD, FRCP (C), Radiation Oncologist, The Cancer Center for the Southern Interior and Lorne Fox, MD, FRCP (C), Respirologist, Kelowna General Hospital.

LungSign™ is a safe, painless and convenient test to assess a patient's risk of lung cancer based on an innovative marker in sputum that is highly correlated with the presence of lung malignancy - even in early stage, presymptomatic disease. As such, LungSign™ is the first test to market that provides both an independent result to help with the early detection of lung cancer and a useful complement to current radiological diagnostic methods. The test has been shown to have a very low rate of false positivity. LungSign™ may benefit high-risk patients of both sexes, in particular: smokers, former smokers, and individuals exposed to industrial and environmental carcinogens. LungSign™ is requested and interpreted under the care of a physician. Those interested in more information about LungSign™ can visit

"As a radiation oncologist, I typically treat advanced lung cancer," said Dr. Islam Mohamed, at the opening of the meeting. "It is exciting to see innovative ways to diagnose this dreadful disease at an earlier stage."

The trial indicated that the test was able to detect Stage 1 Cancer in addition to other stages. The test was effective both at detecting different types of lung cancer and at different distances from the main airways of the lung.

"We are very excited by these results and held our announcement meeting in Kelowna to acknowledge the significant contribution of Kelowna's medical community to our research," added Bojana Turic, MD, Perceptronix President and CEO. "With no accepted lung cancer detection strategy over the past 30 years, LungSign offers physicians and specialists an additional tool for detecting early stage lung cancer, thereby improving patient survival."

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Perceptronix Medical Inc. (founded in 1999) is a private cancer diagnostics company based in Vancouver, Canada. Perceptronix commercializes early cancer detection technologies developed in partnership with the BC Cancer Agency, a world-leader in cancer care and research, with a particularly notable track record in pioneering early cancer detection programs.

Perceptronix is focused on offering quantitative image cell analysis services for early cancer detection. Perceptronix' products and services offer an improvement over existing detection and localization technologies and provide physicians with increased options for prolonging and improving the quality of patients' lives.

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