October 14, 2015 09:00 ET

Perch Makes the Internet of Things More Accessible With Free Home Monitoring Service

New System Delivers Real-Time Video and Home Controls

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2015) - Perch, a new service designed to be the easiest way to get started in home monitoring, released its public beta today.

Perch takes devices you already own -- laptops, tablets, webcams, and phones -- and turns them into a simple home monitoring service. Users can get started in a few minutes by downloading an app or visiting the Perch website.

"The average family has six internet connected devices," said Andrew Cohen, Perch CEO. "So we built an open solution that lets you get started with the hardware you already have." 

Perch, which was developed at the Samsung Accelerator, has launched its new service in an open beta, available initially for laptops, Android devices, tablets and PCs. In the coming months, the company plans to deliver support for iOS as well as integration with smart TVs and traditional security cameras.

While it's free and accessible, Perch also delivers advanced video capabilities. Real-time video technology eliminates the frustrating 5-10 second lag time of other monitoring systems. Embedded video chats offer an immediate way to connect with kids and loved ones, and a cloud-based DVR allows users to review recorded video and capture memorable moments.

Perch also has special features for users who own smart home systems. Perch allows users to control devices in the home directly from an intuitive, real-time video interface. It's the only system where users can click on a light and immediately see it turn on or off.

"Perch has taken a new approach to home monitoring, both by making it incredibly easy to get started and by developing cutting-edge technologies," said Emily Becher, Vice President, Samsung Accelerator. "That's exactly what we're looking to support out of the Accelerator -- innovative software, and technology that engages users."

Product Specifications and Availability
Perch is available at Perch requires wifi and works with almost any laptop or standard USB webcam, and with any devices running Android 4.1 or higher, including tablets, phones and digital cameras.

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About Perch
Perch is an Internet of Things startup working out of the Samsung Accelerator, part of the Samsung Global Innovation Center. Perch's goal is to be the easiest way to get started in home monitoring. Perch is a simple and intuitive solution powered by advanced technology, including real-time video and smart home controls.

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