Monsanto Canada Inc.

Monsanto Canada Inc.

March 19, 2008 11:09 ET

Percy Schmeiser Settles Small Claims Court Issue with Monsanto Canada

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - March 19, 2008) - Monsanto Canada today announced that Mr. Percy Schmeiser has agreed to settle the Small Claims court case he initiated against Monsanto Canada related to unexpected Roundup Ready canola volunteers on his chem-fallow field in 2005.

Mr. Schmeiser originally filed a statement of claim with the Small Claims Court of the Provincial Court of Saskatoon, Civil Division in October 2006 seeking reimbursement of costs of $660 for the removal of unexpected Roundup Ready canola volunteers from his land.

Monsanto Canada had previously agreed to assist Mr. Schmeiser with this specific issue in the fall of 2005 and pick up any and all costs associated with this matter, but Mr. Schmeiser turned down Monsanto's offer of assistance after refusing to sign Monsanto's standard release form.

"Although we are pleased Mr. Schmeiser finally approached us and agreed to settlement terms, it is frustrating that he essentially accepted the same offer we put before him in 2005 at the time we visited with him and offered him solutions to address the presence of unexpected Roundup Ready canola volunteers on his land," said Trish Jordan, public affairs director, Monsanto Canada. "At the time, we chose to treat Mr. Schmeiser the same as any other farmer who might find themselves in a similar situation. This entire matter could have been resolved more than two and a half years ago and Mr. Schmeiser would have saved himself some legal costs."

Several other western Canadian farmers have willingly agreed to similar settlement terms in order to have their individual issues addressed by Monsanto. For example, in 2007, Monsanto Canada assisted 16 farmers with addressing similar unexpected Roundup Ready volunteer issues. In 2005 - the same year Mr. Schmeiser experienced unexpected Roundup Ready canola volunteers - Monsanto Canada assisted six different farmers with resolving their particular situations and all costs were picked up by Monsanto Canada. None of the farmers who previously accepted Monsanto Canada's offer of assistance ever raised any issues with signing Monsanto's standard release form.

Earlier this week, Mr. Schmeiser - through his lawyer - approached Monsanto Canada and offered to settle this matter prior to the scheduled hearing on the case set for Wed. March 19, 2008. Since the outcome was essentially the same offer Monsanto had previously made in the fall of 2005, Monsanto Canada settled with Mr. Schmeiser on terms agreeable to both sides.

Terms of the settlement offer accepted by Mr. Schmeiser are as follows:

- Mr. Schmeiser will receive $660.00 from Monsanto Canada - the purported cost he incurred for removing Roundup Ready canola volunteers from his specific field.

- Mr. Schmeiser picks up all costs associated with filing this statement of claim with the Small Claims Court, Saskatchewan, Civil Division.

- Mr. Schmeiser signs a release form absolving Monsanto Canada from any further responsibilities for this issue. As such, he releases and forever discharges Monsanto Canada from any and all future claims made by Schmeiser Enterprises in this particular matter, and all claims for recovery arising out of the presence of Roundup Ready canola volunteers discovered on this particular parcel of Mr. Schmeiser' land in 2005. Monsanto Canada assumes no liability.

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