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May 04, 2009 12:32 ET

Performance Based (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Company iMajestic Offers Risk-Free Internet Marketing for Qualified Clients Wanting to Save Their Practices From Bankruptcy

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - May 4, 2009) - The current economic free-fall has created the greatest number of foreclosures and bankruptcies since the Great Depression but performance based SEO strategies from iMajestic can turn it from loss to profitability.

Businesses that people would normally think are recession proof such as lawyers and doctors are now feeling the pinch of a tight economy. As retail and service industries struggle to keep their head above water, usually stable professions in the medical and legal field are experiencing the ripple effect and need to step up their game to attract clients rather than relying on traditional methods like word of mouth, referrals and old fashion media venues.

For most doctors, the latest outbreak of the swine flu would normally be enough to send patients their way but for specialists like plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and others, the tightening of medical insurance benefits means that more creative and budget conscious marketing methods must be employed. Zeroing in on a niche populace that not only is in need of their services but can afford them makes outdated media sources too general in their approach and too costly for insufficient targeted results.

Attorneys also require qualified clients, ones that have cases that are worthy, and since time is money, finding a resource that can capture traffic and quantify them through the search process before ever having to take the call makes a big difference to their bottom line. Legal firms with established websites are looking towards search engine optimization to help them not only gain greater exposure but to strategically position and focus, through these SEM campaigns, on the "right" kind of client thus increasing their conversion rates and profitability.

iMajestic performs target specific search engine optimization and SEM campaigns custom designed to accommodate both medical and legal practices demands and has a successful track record for generating qualified traffic with higher conversion ratios. As a leader in online marketing, iMajestic's Certified Google and Microsoft professionals bring experience, talent and an ethical approach to internet marketing that sets them apart from any other company. Their Performance Based SEO programs offer no nonsense search engine solutions with zero risk to the client.

"Qualified clients only pay after we achieve and maintain the rankings they want, for the keywords desired, in the search engines they required."

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