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October 02, 2014 15:29 ET

Performance Sports Group Extends Exclusive Partnership to Utilize 37.5™ Technology

Cocona Natural Technologies' Patented Moisture Management System To Be Used In Base Layer, Equipment And Uniforms

EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE--(Marketwired - Oct. 2, 2014) - Performance Sports Group Ltd. (NYSE:PSG)(TSX:PSG), a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance sports equipment and apparel, today announced that it has extended its exclusive partnership with Cocona Natural Technologies, maker of patented 37.5™ technology.

The partnership provides Performance Sports Group exclusive use of the advanced fast-drying moisture management technology in hockey, lacrosse, baseball and softball, and non-exclusive use in soccer. Performance Sports Group's products are marketed under the BAUER, MISSION, MAVERIK, CASCADE, INARIA, COMBAT and EASTON brand names.

Apparel with 37.5 technology dries up to five times faster than competitive products. While other fabrics simply wick moisture around the garment, trapping humidity near the athlete's skin, 37.5 technology harnesses the athlete's body heat to evaporate moisture and move it away from the skin. Unlike wicking apparel, airflow is not needed, which allows 37.5 technology to work well underneath equipment. In fact, the use of 37.5 technology in multiple layers - performance apparel, protective equipment and uniforms - increases the overall effectiveness and evaporation process.

Bauer Hockey recently released 37.5 technology in base layer, team apparel and elite protective equipment, while Maverik Lacrosse unveiled 37.5 technology in its protective equipment and gloves. Performance Sports Group will also look to incorporate 37.5 technology in a wide-range of products in its other brands, including EASTON, the company's latest addition to its brand portfolio.

"The feedback and endorsement this technology has received from our athletes is simply phenomenal," said Kathy McGown, General Manager, Apparel for Performance Sports Group. "We are extremely excited to continue our partnership and look forward to bringing 37.5 technology to several products across our portfolio of industry-leading brands."

By utilizing 37.5 technology, athletes have the ability to direct more of their energy to the game, rather than to core temperature management. Unlike other moisture management technologies, 37.5 technology is permanent and naturally derived. An added benefit is that clothing made with 37.5 technology does not retain odors.

"With respect to moisture management, there is no more demanding sport than hockey and Bauer Hockey's focus on quality and performance made them the ideal customer for 37.5 technology," said Jeff Bowman, CEO, Cocona. "We've been very selective about our partners and Performance Sports Group's great success in hockey gives us tremendous confidence in its ability to properly introduce 37.5 apparel and equipment to other important brands within its portfolio."

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About 37.5 Technology

37.5 technology was created by Cocona Natural Technologies, a world leader in active particle technologies currently used to enhance the comfort and technical performance of clothing, footwear and sleep systems. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

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