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February 13, 2007 09:00 ET

Perihelion Global CEO Releases Letter to Shareholders

WILMINGTON, DE and SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 13, 2007 -- Perihelion Global (PINKSHEETS: PHGI) today announced that its Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, John H. Beebe, released a public letter to shareholders.

"Dear Fellow Shareholders,

It has been less than four months since we completed our acquisition of Vision Works Media Group, and we're happy to report that our outlook for Perihelion's future is brighter than ever.

Over these first few months, the company has already achieved significant milestones, including the acquisition of our Patented Gold Mine in Box Elder County, Utah. The mine, and the surrounding 800 acres of land which we own the mineral rights to, contain substantial quantities of precious metals. In fact, the gold content alone (approx 1.27 million oz) is valued at over $843 Million USD at today's market prices could potentially be worth over $1 Billion USD this year if several of the analyst forecasts for gold prices come to pass. The Patented Gold Mine is a real, verifiable, and substantial asset of Perihelion Global and its shareholders -- and to help provide better public information and documentation regarding the company's assets and operations, we've begun uploading several key documents to the site under the 'Financial Reports' section for PHGI. We encourage all interested parties to thoroughly review the material, which among other things, establishes the existence and value of the mine, as well as providing further transparency of our transaction with Saturday Night, LLC in acquiring it.

In January, we broke ground on our BioFuel refinery in Opp, Alabama. Over the coming weeks and months, the site should begin to take shape and we expect that our warehousing units will be the first structures to be built. We plan on purchasing peanuts from local farmers, and subsequently storing them on-site, far before the plant is fully operational early in 2008. This will provide an immediate boost to the local economy, and give the company a practical relationship with our farmers well before our first batch of biodiesel is complete. With oil prices again on the rise, we believe our company could be no better positioned in a post-carbon era than by producing up to 40,000,000 gallons of environmentally friendly biodiesel every year. As we've stated from day one, the local support from the City of Opp and the Great State of Alabama has been tremendous, and we appreciate each and every individual who is helping make this project a reality.

Of late, the price of our shares has been under significant pressure, returning to levels not seen since the initial reverse merger with Vision Works was announced. Let me emphatically say, in no uncertain terms, that the company knows of nothing material in its business that would account for such a precipitous decline. None of our management or directors has sold any stock into the market, and we've unanimously agreed to reduce the amount of authorized shares for the company by over 98%. I have invested a large percentage of my personal resources into this company, and currently hold in excess of 52,000,000 restricted shares of stock. I have even moved substantial assets, such as the FCC Licensed Radio Stations, out of my personal ownership and into the ownership of Perihelion shareholders.

Over the last ten trading days, significant volumes of our stock have traded, potentially in excess of what we believe to be our public float. At face value, we feel this is numerically not possible. In addition, we continue to receive reports of unsolicited email campaigns promoting our stock, even though we have not paid for such promotions. Clearly, we are very concerned with what we have seen in our market, and will continue to monitor the situation very closely with our legal counsel, transfer agent, and Executive Management. Both the Board of Directors and Executive Management believe in, and reaffirm desire for, a strong share price. In accordance with this directive, significant tangible assets have been placed into the company to readily support a market capitalization that is far higher than that which is currently reflected in our stock.

We understand the frustrations some shareholders may have and are working diligently to correct any irregularities in our public market. You have our firm resolve and commitment that we will apply every effort to address and remedy any and all irregularities. On behalf of the entire Management Team and Board of Directors of Perihelion Global, we wholeheartedly appreciate the faith and confidence you have in our company. We will continue to do our utmost to reward your faith and trust.

Together, absolutely nothing will stop us from succeeding."

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