SOURCE: The Labor Pros

June 30, 2008 10:48 ET

Perimeter Consulting Firm Renamed The Labor Pros

New Name Reflects Company's Continued Growth as Trusted Labor Advisors

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - June 30, 2008) - Perimeter Consulting Firm, a proactive labor relations firm that specializes in reconnecting management with its workforce, today announced the rebranding of the company as The Labor Pros.

A consulting firm headed by Nekeya Nunn-Stephens, The Labor Pros helps clients develop a positive work environment that is mutually beneficial for management and employees. Comprised of multi-cultural and multi-lingual consultants -- from ethnicities including Vietnamese, Haitian, Jamaican, African-American and Hispanic -- who are able to communicate with a wide range of workers, The Labor Pros helps management and employees productively work together without the intervention of unwanted, potentially adversarial third-parties, such as unions.

Ms. Nunn-Stephens, founder and CEO of The Labor Pros and an acclaimed labor relations expert, commented, "Our goal is to preserve and strengthen the employee-employer relationship, which ultimately results in more satisfied and productive employees and more profitable organizations. Our company's new brand clearly reflects that mission and the value that we deliver to our clients."

Nunn-Stephens started the company in July 2003. Under her tutelage, The Labor Pros has achieved a 100% success rate in keeping client companies union-free. Of counsel to labor law attorneys across the U.S., she is also the author of The Labor Pros' training manual, which governs the consulting practices of all consultants employed by the firm.

The Labor Pros offer four distinct services: vulnerability audits, management training, union avoidance and counter-corporate campaigns. The Vulnerability Audit uncovers the tone of the workforce by giving employees a collective voice without the outside assistance of a union. One of the most effective union prevention measures, the vulnerability audit is also an excellent organizational development tool.

The Labor Pros' Management Training offering helps familiarize managers with the National Labor Relations Act, which is the law that governs the unionizing procedure. Once a card signing has begun, or a petition has been filed, The Labor Pros arms management with the legal information they will need in order to answer employee questions. The Labor Pros' Union Avoidance services handle the threat by countering union organizing drives through lawful means. The company helps identify the issues behind the union organization and designs an effective campaign strategy that will support preservation of a union-free workplace.

In those instances where union activity has already progressed significantly, The Labor Pros offers Counter-Corporate Campaign services. The Labor Pros knows that unions will enlist the assistance of politicians, media, religious leaders and outspoken pundits to generate a lopsided portrayal of an organization. The Labor Pros helps management reconnect with its workforce through carefully planned, proactive communications.

Nunn-Stephens observed, "The problem is never just the union or just the counter-campaign. The problem is time. Unions have political clout, financial means and tenacious ways of infiltrating organizations. Having this type of systematic, proven approach come up against an unprepared management team is the perfect storm. The Labor Pros is here to help management reconnect with its workforce, giving employees the voice they're seeking as well as creating a win-win environment without the burden of third-parties."

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