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November 29, 2011 10:00 ET

Perkins Veterinarian Offers Animal Boarding to Area Pet Owners

PERKINS, OK--(Marketwire - Nov 29, 2011) - As many pet owners prepare to take winter vacations or visit loved ones over the holidays, a local pet hospital is making its own preparations to receive visitors of the four-legged variety. Perkins Veterinary Clinic in Perkins, Oklahoma, which offers animal boarding among its other services, typically accommodates an influx of boarders during the winter and summer months, and its veterinarians and staffs are trying to make sure pet owners throughout the area make the appropriate preparations for keeping their pets healthy and safe in their absence.

"Sometimes owners have no choice but to leave their pets behind. Unfortunately, you cannot leave your pet with just anyone and hope for the best," says veterinarian Dr. Wendy Murray. "Even the most well-intentioned friend or neighbor may lack the skills necessary to look after a pet, especially if the pet is confused and anxious because its master has disappeared. A pet may bolt through the door the second it opens, and the next thing you know you have a lost or possibly even injured animal out there somewhere." Dr. Woodall adds that Oklahoma winters can prove a serious threat to an unsheltered pet's health.

Boarding a pet at an animal hospital holds certain advantages over home care or other types of animal boarding facilities such as kennels particularly if the animal in question has specific health issues or medical needs. Veterinary workers are skilled at administering medicines on a regular schedule, providing emergency pet care if an urgent situation occurs, and keeping animals calm and comfortable throughout the boarding period. "It can make a huge difference if your pet has a chronic condition that needs monitoring, is recovering from surgery or injury, or is simply getting on in years," says Dr. Murray.

Perkins Veterinary Clinic also protects pets from each other by requiring all pets to be up to date on their vaccinations, free of ticks and fleas, and negative for fecal parasites within the past 90 days. "They call it 'kennel cough' for a reason," notes Dr. Jerry Woodall, "and we want to make as sure as possible that our boarders have a safe and healthy environment."

Owners may arrange for a medical exam on their pet during the boarding stay and review the result with the veterinarian upon their return. Owners suffering from separation anxiety can contact the facility to check on their pets, and the staff also offers to send email updates, complete with pictures.

Meanwhile, clinic personnel try to make their guests feel at home as much as possible during their stay. Dog walks occur twice a day, and larger or more active dogs may also be taken for runs. Feeding takes place according to each pet's specific needs, and the clinic supplies comfortable, clean bedding for each animal.

Affection is also freely available, according to Dr. Murray: "Pets need love as much as they need food or exercise." To schedule boarding services for, the veterinary clinic may be reached through its website at

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